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4 Essential Manufacturing Tech Advances You Really Have To Consider To Push Your Business Into The Stratosphere

When you are looking at improving your productivity, efficiency, and attempting to push your business forward, especially in the manufacturing industry, it’s important to look at the pioneering trends, and address how you can progress. Right now, we are in an industrial revolution of sorts. We are using information technology, not just in one aspect of the life cycle of a product, but throughout the entirety of it. This means that manufacturers are seeing benefits across the board, such as saving costs, providing better customer support, as well as increased productivity. But when we are looking at this in the round, especially if we’re trying to capture a piece of the pie for ourselves, what are the advances we should be looking at?

The Change Of Focus From B2B To B2B2C

Many manufacturers who tend to have a B2B business model are now shifting their focus on a Business-To-Business-To-Consumer model as this can provide numerous benefits. It’s important that when we are utilising this new component, especially when we work with outsourced aspects, that we provide a clear platform and communicate effectively. When we are dealing with outsourced companies that provide specific services for us, like WES Ltd, we must remember that clarity is vital. As some of the benefits include an increased profit, improved customer data, as well as the ability to reinforce your MSRP, you can certainly start to embrace this, but we need to remember that implementing this model requires hard slog at the outset.


Numerous manufacturers are making the most of the Internet of Things, which involves connecting separate devices within one main internet infrastructure. Approximately 63% of manufacturers think that applying this IoT principle will improve profitability over the next few years. When we look at the benefits in the round, ensuring that our processes are sufficiently vetted means that we are able to take advantage of one of the most exciting aspects of the modern manufacturing world. Because of widely available internet access, in conjunction with cloud computing and smaller sensors, it’s common sense for manufacturing businesses to take advantage of this growing trend.

Better Visibility Of Big Data

Because of IoT, we are able to get a greater insight into the data we collect. For manufacturers, this means real-time insights. Due to cloud computing, and being able to collect data from so many different resources, manufacturers can extract the necessary information that gives them a better understanding of the consumer and the business. Naturally, this means improved operations and preventing, rather than curing, problems.

The Increase Of VR And AR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can be met with a bone of contention among many workers but these assistive technologies are aiming to improve the relationship between man and machine. It’s not about Virtual Reality taking over an employee’s job. By using AR devices like electronic goggles, this can help employees to improve their productivity by increasing their field of vision, giving them real-time help, and also improve their skills on the job by giving training. This is a fantastic way to upskill workers that don’t already have the chops.

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