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4 Alternative Marketing Ideas To Try

As a small business owner, you’ll understand the importance of assessing your marketing strategies over time. Once you’ve found a strategy that works, it’s tempting to sit back and relax. Yet with new technology and competition all the time, it pays to consider some new alternatives.

1 . Podcasts 

According to Podcast Insights, over 60 million US homes include podcast fans. With all that demand, a podcast can be a great way to extend your reach. Podcasts can provide your customers with a little bit extra beyond your products and services. By making a podcast, you can present knowledge and expertise about your industry. Doing so will allow you to establish yourself as a source that’s both credible and trustworthy. Podcasts are also an excellent way to showcase your branding. Hosting a podcast allows you to show express your personality and even humour (if appropriate). As audiences tune in, they’ll get to know you, which could drive brand loyalty over time. Of course, you can also use your podcasts as a platform to inform audiences of new products and services. A brand podcast is an innovative way to market your company overall.

2 . Trade Shows 

Trade Shows are sometimes considered a little outdated, yet there are still so many marketing benefits to be accessed. Firstly, taking your company to a tradeshow allows you to communicate your branding, in person. As the online world dominates so many interactions, chances to do so grow rarer. In addition, trade shows are attended by the press, which is an excellent free promotion for your company. Before going to a trade show, it can be a good idea to reach out to the publications who will be attending. Doing so may enable you to get a special feature on your latest product. What’s more, trade shows present businesses with a fantastic networking opportunities. You might end up finding another business or two who are interested in collaborating.

3 . Cross-promotions 

Cross-promotions involve collaborating with another brand for an offer, scheme, or event. Collaboration with a different brand can be a fantastic opportunity to reach a whole new audience. You’ll access their consumers, and they’ll access yours. Such a process will benefit both parties. The key is to find the right brand with values that are similar to yours. Joining forces with the wrong brand could alienate your customers (if it’s not a brand they are likely to respect). Before entering into any agreements, be sure to research the brand history and values, etc. 

As well as taking all of these usual steps to collaborations, and following these tips, there is also an option to try out a digital marketing consultancy as well. There are plenty of people willing to help you out, and this can save you time and money along the way. These experts are able to give you advice that you may never have thought of or found out otherwise, so worth looking into.

4. Influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing campaigns are an excellent way to drive the success of your company. Influencers have thousands of followers who trust their judgments and are very active online. Influencer marketing is subtle; it works because the audience doesn’t feel that an advertising campaign is directly targeting them. In many cases, people will trust an influencer recommendation as opposed to directly being targeted by the brand itself. Look for influencers within your niche and spend enough time finding those who would be a good fit. Content marketing agency Digital Score are a great source to help find you the best influencers plus create content that your target audience wants.

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