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3 Factors to Consider when Buying a Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are mainly meant to offer easy access to your home and enhanced security. It also saves you the hustle of manually opening the heavy garage door when you arrive home fatigued after a long, busy day. Although there are ultra-modern garage door openers, some individuals still cope with overly loud and manual garage door openers. These individuals are mostly oblivious to the high-tech features they can enjoy such as an easily accessible and more convenient garage door system. Extra features may include a home automation system and smart device compatibility which enables a user to operate their garage doors using a smartphone. These are some factors to consider before making that choice.

  1. Check Horsepower Ratings

Horsepower ratings ranging from ½ to 1-1/2 are typical for residential garage door openers. The number, size and material of the garage door(s) to be opened also need to be put into consideration when selecting the right horsepower. If your garage door is a double opener, you will need at least ½ hp to lift it. A single door will, therefore, need less horsepower to lift. The density and weight of the material will also affect the horsepower rating necessary to pull the garage door. It is also worth noting that a garage door opener with a higher horsepower is more durable.

  1. Pick a Drive System

There are three distinctly characterized drive systems for garage door openers namely; chain drive, screw drive and belt drive.

  • The belt drive – This raises and lowers the garage door using rubber belts. It operates silently causing no noise, but it does not come cheap.
  • The chain drive – It raises and lowers the garage door using chain-driven openers that moves with a clang to cause noise while it operates. Unlike its preceding counterpart, this one is quite affordable.
  • The screw drive – This drive system operates on a threaded rod with few parts and subsequently, less maintenance.

Your preferences and financial capability will play a huge role in selecting the most appropriate garage door opener. Need more information? Head over to garagedooropenersystem.net, a credible resource that can help you discover and compare the best garage door openers.  

  1. Check For Unique Features

All modern garage door openers share a standard set of features including; a remote control and wall-mount buttons, a manual release, rail segments, and a security light. You can, however, find more features designed to add an extra layer of security and functionality; but these will cost you an arm and a leg. Such additional features may include:

  • A miniature key-chain remote that conveniently fits into your pocket
  • Remote automation system
  • Built-in Wi-Fi that connects your opener to a mobile app
  • Auto-close functionality
  • Battery back-up
  • Vehicle compatibility
  • Motion sensing security lights

Does your garage door opener make some squeaky sounds when opening or closing? It may be time to check out some new garage door openers. It is important to review the three factors mentioned above as they will not only influence the price of the opener but will also determine their durability.

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