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3 Creative Investment Opportunities

In a time of global financial crisis, finding new investment opportunities has never been more in demand.

The catch is, more people are now thinking the same thing. In order to stay one step ahead, here are some creative ways to invest that you might not have thought of.

  1. Alpaca Farming

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Alpaca farming is an excellent investment opportunity due to the high cost of their wool. 

Alpaca wool is a popular material in clothing. It is particularly desirable due to its softness and durability, the natural fibre being particularly suitable for fleeces. 

Alpacas naturally shed a lot of their fur, so the harvesting process is relatively straightforward. The shoring process happens once annually, and the fibres can then be sold for a good profit. The wool has a variety of uses for different types of clothing, as its thickness depends on how it’s spun.

The furry animals are also not high maintenance in many ways, eating mainly grass and ruminants. Alpacas are very gentle animals, so make good friends as well as good business partners!

To get started on this unique business venture, sourcing your alpacas is the first step. Take a look at this website for some more insights on alpaca farming and to see some alpacas currently for sale.


Sustainability is undeniably a hot topic but not necessarily one you’d immediately think of as an investment opportunity. Sustainable investments can provide fantastic returns while of course, being eco-friendly. A greater focus on sustainability while making money at the same time is undeniably a great combination.

A great place to start when thinking about sustainable investment is to look at the United Nations 17 Sustainable Investment Goals. Within these, you will find different charities and organisations whose aim it is to support these specific goals. While the common goal is to create a more sustainable future, you may decide that a particular investment opportunity within sustainability (such as property) that is more suited to you.

Investing in sustainability is an innovative way to make money while encompassing your personal values. As the climate crisis becomes more prevalent, it is an investment opportunity which will only continue to grow.


Collectables is a broad term which can cover everything from old magazines, vinyl records, vintage clothing items and so forth. Finding these items is relatively easy with sites such as Depop and eBay showcasing a vast number of second-hand items. 

Collectables are a safe bet because they never really go out of style. People will always like collecting things and engaging with novelty items. Most people go through a stage in their life where they collect something, and whether this is just a stage or a lifetime-long hobby, you can be the one that supplies them with their desired items. As time goes on, there will always be a new range of items which become ‘vintage’ and fall into the category of collectables. Buying and re-selling collectable items is perhaps one of the most simple investment opportunities to make you a bit of extra cash.

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