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3 Behaviors That Will Make Your Employees Hate You

The idea of your employees hating you isn’t a pleasant one. However, it’s also a reality that many business owners and bosses have to face. You can’t please everyone all the time and, eventually, your methods will directly go against the way an employee would prefer to be treated. It’s not fun, but it’s inevitable.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should just accept the idea that you can behave as you want, because someone is inevitably going to hate you anyway. Cultivating a good relationship with your employees — or at least, the majority of your employees — is always going to stand you and your business in good stead. While you always run the risk of the occasional employee who doesn’t like your leadership style, you can try and keep everyone else sweet by eliminating these behaviors from your management…

#1 – Losing Your Temper

If you lose your temper and shout at your employees, then you will lose any respect they had for you. Anger is a destructive emotion; it doesn’t fix anything, and you ultimately won’t feel better for venting out your frustrations. While you might feel that your employees deserve it, there’s really no scenario where it’s ever acceptable for you to resort to anger or — worse still — verbal insults.

If you feel yourself getting annoyed, back away from the situation, and address it again when you have had the chance to calm down.

#2 – Ridiculous Requirements

Some business owners have a tendency to go on a mild power trip with their employees, insisting that their way is the only way. That’s not the case; any smart business owner knows that your business will most benefit from being a broad church that is accepting of everyone. Yet some bosses let their power, and their preferences, take control.

If you have a rule that everyone must wear their staff identification during office hours, then that’s fine. Sensible, even. However, if you send someone out of a meeting — effectively publicly shaming them — for not having their ID, then yes, they’re going to hate you. So many bosses do things like this, small power trips that have no basis in the actual work that’s being done. It can be over ID, wearing a tie to the office, or even the photocopier not being used exactly as has been decreed. Remember: these behaviors might annoy you, and you should speak to them about it if there’s a firm rule in place, but they’re not a good enough justification for trying to shame someone.

#3 – Work As Punishment

Some business owners have a terrible habit of using work as punishment. So someone has turned in an assignment late? You immediately punish them by assigning them an unpleasant account or task. This isn’t a healthy way to conduct a relationship with your employees; work is never a punishment. You don’t want anyone in your employ to see any task relating to your business as something to be held over their heads.

So don’t do it, no matter how tempting it might be. Be fair; if someone has made a mistake, address the issue, but don’t inflict a particularly unpleasant task on them. It’s far better for them — and, ultimately, your business — if you always try and present work as a positive thing.
Being the boss is never easy, but by avoiding the mistakes above, you should be able to have the best possible relationship with your employees– which will ultimately be the best thing for a successful business future.

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