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12 Best Places in the World to Invest in Property


If you are thinking about investing in a nice property for your retirement, then the world property market is once again the place to go. Over the past few years, the market was unsettled, though now, there are some good opportunities around the globe for those that are tempted. Not only is buying property abroad a good investment, but it also offers you the chance to go somewhere with a different climate. Here are some of the best opportunities for property investment around the world.

Barcelona, Spain

The beautiful city of Barcelona is a true magnet for young people because of its nightlife and sunny weather. However, the Spanish capital is also a shrewd place to place some money on the property. The Spanish government is actively trying to attract overseas investors and is offering many homes in the capital at attractive prices. You could consider a nice buy-to-let opportunity here that will give you a good return on your money.

French Riviera

A huge attraction for the rich and famous over the years, the French Riviera has never been so attractive to potential investors. A recent cut in capital gains tax has led to a lot of activity in the high-end market, and inquiries about properties all over the area have increased. The beautiful backdrop and the warm weather will make it an attractive proposition to many looking to invest.


Grenada is an amazing corner of the Caribbean. Although it only accounts for a small part of the market, it has some good incentives that will entice people to take a look. The government has introduced a Citizenship by investment scheme so that many buyers will be attracted to Granada as a result. There are certainly few places as beautiful in the world to invest your money.


Turkey has been seen as one of the safest places to invest in property. It is because of this that many people from the Middle East have invested there, especially over the past few years. In 2013, the number of overseas property purchases rose by 78%, and it has remained steady since then. Turkey is certainly an amazing place to have property, and there will be opportunities for those looking for buy-to-let.


Another Caribbean island, Aruba not only offers wall-to-wall sun but is also relatively safe from the seasonal hurricanes and bad weather. Aruba is run under a Dutch protectorate and is subject to Dutch Law; this makes it not only safe but also open to other areas of law and taxation that you won’t find in other parts of the Caribbean. Just a look through the Aruba Palms Realtors shows just how hot the property market is on the island at the moment.


With tourist numbers growing over the past few years, Montenegro has also seen a rise in the property market. In 2014, the market was still relatively young, so prices were competitive, and although a couple of years have now passed, the attractiveness of area is still slightly better than that of the neighboring Italy and Croatia. You are certainly getting attractive properties and good weather for most of the year.


Mauritius has been something of a niche market for many years, although, it has always been popular as a rental destination. In recent years, overseas buyers have qualified for residency as well as good tax benefits, and this has caused a surge in the market. There have also been some well-designed golf courses set up on the island which has also attracted many along with the warm weather and sandy beaches.


An amazing destination as a holidaymaker, Dubai, has also attracted many overseas investors. Although it has had its ups and downs in recent years, many Middle-East buyers still see it as a safe area to put their money. Dubai has all the facilities that you could want, and this makes it the ideal place for those looking to invest in the holiday home market.

The Algarve, Portugal

With a well-established British Presence, The Algarve has always been a solid investment for many looking for a holiday home. With such beautiful scenery and a fun atmosphere, it is easy to see why it is so popular with investors and holidaymakers alike. Although the market has been a little turbulent along with Spain in recent years, there is a good long-term picture with The Algarve.

Manhattan, New York

The real estate market in Manhattan comes at a high price, though many people are coming to work in the financial district alone. Because of this, the market is buoyant, and the opportunities for buy-to-let are good. For example, luxury flats in the financial district in 2014 were valued at over $500,000. Along with the new World Trade Centre, many other companies are attracting employees from overseas, and it seems that this is going to continue in the near future.


Switzerland has long been considered a safe place when it comes to eurozone issues, and this has made it a good place to invest. Although there are now limits on second-home owners, this hasn’t affected those properties that already have planning permission. The country also attracts investors who like its stable economy and breath-taking scenery.



You might not automatically consider Japan to be the place to invest in ski apartments, but it has everything you need. The country has great powder snow conditions from December to May, and this causes a big surge in rentals. You are not just getting the benefits of travelers from around the world coming to enjoy the conditions; you are also getting Japanese people traveling up with their families for their holidays.  

Investing in property overseas can be an amazing opportunity that is difficult to turn down when you see the benefits. Although you still have to do your homework, you can easily find a nice property that will offer a good return on your money.

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