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10 Things You Can Do With A Modular Building

Modular buildings are in high demand right now. Here are ten things you could do with yours:

  1. Run a business: a modular building is a fantastic way of creating business space. And you won’t even have the ongoing cost of renting the building to worry about. You can do anything – hairdressing, pet daycare, shops, offices. You could also run writing or yoga retreats.
  2. Set up a holiday home: you can ask your modular building manufacturer to create your new home anywhere you like, so why not buy space in a holiday location? That way, you’ll always have somewhere to go away, even if money gets tight later on.
  3. Let your home: move into your cool new modular building and let your house out. You’ll need landlord insurance, but the rent money will come in useful, and you get a fabulous new space to live in. 
  4. Let the new building: if you don’t want to leave your own home, why not get a modular structure to let instead? You can let it as a home or a workspace; workspace rates are higher, so if you let your modular building as an office, it’s great money.
  5. Make a creative workspace: if you have a hobby that takes up loads of space, like pottery, or collecting classic cars, modular buildings are a great way of creating some room for yourself to enjoy what you love. You could even split it between your spouse and yourself. There’s room for you both!
  6. Make a playspace: kids driving you nuts? Why not give them a space to play, even when it’s raining? You can install some playground equipment or soft play and have the childminder watch them in there. Perfect if you work from home or run a childcare business yourself. 
  7. Open a shelter: if you want to contribute to charity in a way that’s more meaningful than just donating money, why not set up a shelter or some other space (like warehousing) for a charity close to your heart? You could also give the building in its entirety to the charity to maintain.
  8. Expand your home: modular buildings are great if you just need some extra space and don’t want the hassle of an extension. It could also be a way of getting an extension if you’re tied up by planning permission, or you don’t want the hassle of living on a building site. 
  9. Keep a roof over your kids’ heads: invest in a modular building now, and at least you have a home for your kids, once they’re grown up if you won’t have space in yours. An excellent investment for your future grandchildren if their parents ever struggle for money or housing.
  10. Teach classes: if you’re qualified as a yoga or dance instructor and don’t have space to teach at home, consider getting a modular building designed. You can get the right flooring, the space you need, and keep your clients out of your home. 

There are so many things you can do with a modular building; what will you do with yours?

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