Home News Neem Tree Investments in Brazil – Why is it a Profitable Commodity?

Neem Tree Investments in Brazil – Why is it a Profitable Commodity?

neem tree investment

neem tree investment

Azadirachta Indica or also known as the Neem Tree is known all over Southeast Asia not only because of its numerous health benefits but it is also an excellent fertilizer. Locals call the tree itself, “The village pharmacy” because it has almost all abilities that medicines have, such as anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic, and many more. Before, people just use it mainly for fertilizer and pesticide, but after several studies, it was proven to contain plenty of different potentials that can benefit lots of people. That is the reason why several people invest on neem tree production.

Today’s population is rapidly growing, as well as the demand in food resources. That is why it is very important to find as many food resources that they can, to effectively meet this goal, in order to have enough food for everyone. However, because of their desire to meet this goal, some farmers and producers prefers to use chemicals in order for their crops to grow faster and produce more food. These chemicals are absolutely not good for the body if consumed, it can be very toxic, and might trigger health complications afterwards. That is why people strive to find the best organic alternative that has the same effect and advantages, but without these harmful chemicals.

Neem Tree and its crop surely have lots of uses and advantages, some of those are:

  • All-natural fertilizer – Organic need cake is a kind of organic fertilizer that came from neem tree. The seeds are being cold pressed to get the oil extract, which is called a neem cake. It is usually used to fertilize different crops like sugarcane, cotton, rice, and many more. Majority of people use it because of its excellence in keeping the soil moisturized by stimulating water retention.

  • Furniture – Neem tree is great in furniture construction, because of its incredible flexibility and natural beauty, which is very important in creating remarkable furniture. It is used mainly in Brazil and many other countries.

  • Natural Medicine – Neem tree is absolutely known because of its natural medicinal properties. It is a great solution for malaria and its oil can also be a very effective mosquito repellant. It is indeed the most natural, cheap yet very successful insect repellant ever discovered. It can also slow HIV in spreading by eliminating the components needed in reproduction.

  • Beauty Products – The oil extract from neem tree is also being used in numerous beauty soaps and other products. This oil is very gentle to the skin yet very effective in eliminating skin infections and irritations that is why it is usually found in medicinal soaps. With the continuous study, experts are now using the neem tree leaves as well to produce different kinds of cosmetics such as nail polish, facial creams, shampoo, and many more,

Neem tree truly have numerous of uses, lots of people also use it as an organic medicine to cure different kinds of health problems. That is why the production of neem tree became in demand, they can certainly use all parts of it from its bark up to the leaves, the entire tree is all profitable and it is a great way to help meet all the demands in terms of organic food, wood production, and many more. It is indeed a great investment.

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