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Working On A Tight Budget: These Low Cost Marketing Methods Will Help

Marketing your business can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if you are a new or small business working on a tight budget. The good news, however, is that, not all marketing has to cost a fortune. Let’s have a look at some of the low cost marketing methods you can use: 

Use A Blog 

If you have a website, linking a blog or having a blog section can be a brilliant way to use hidden marketing. You are able to nurture customer relationships, capture leads, and direct visitors to your site. Just make sure you post regular and relevant content. 

Use Banners 

Although you may feel like these are a waste of time, you may be surprised by the number of customers who sometime just need a gentle nudge in the right direction. You may have noticed a few printed banners cropping up recently using phrases such as ‘We’re still here’ or ‘ Our food section is still open’ because of Covid-19. If you are able to provide a service in the Covid-19 regulations, this could be great option for you.

Use An Email List 

Every business should have an email list. When you are just starting, you probably won’t want to spend a lot on a email management service, however, most will give you a free option if you have a small list. Some, such as MailChimp offer a free business service for those who have less than 2000 subscribers. Even after that, you are find great deals, it’s just about shopping around. 

Networking Events 

Although networking is on hold at the moment because of Covid-19, it doesn’t mean you can’t plan some for the future. Networking can be invaluable for a small business as it gives you a great , lowcost way to spread the word about your brand and meet potential clients. There are also some networking event now happening digitally, so it may be worth doing some research and seeing if there is any coming up in your industry. 

Create An Affiliate Program.

Affiliation is where you offer a reward or a fee for someone sharing the link to your website or to a link to a certain offer you are currently running. You can give them a link that is able to track how many sales are made through the link they have used and compensate them for it. There are a few different ways you can compensate them such as offering a one off payment or pay-per-click. 

Make Use Of Social Media 

There is a very good reasons social media marketing has rapidly grown in the recent years. It not only has massive turnaround figures, it is also cheap and cheerful. Some will charge for advert such as Facebook ad space, however, the main commitment with social media platforms like Instagram is time. 

These low-cost methods of marketing will help you to stick to a tight budget when starting to market your small business. There are others that you can use too. Do you use any of these? What others have you researched? 

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