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Practical Tips For Improving Employee Productivity

Effective Ways To Boost Efficiency and Productivity In The Workplace

Employees are crucial to a business overall growth and success. Increased productivity and efficiencies can be a good indicator of a happy and motivated working team crucial for your business growth. Other factors like business processes are also vital for enhanced productivity levels. For example, a UK study has proposed that 88% of businesses require employees to work remotely due to the pandemic.

However, minor adjustments to employee habits can significantly influence your staff and improve quality work within the shortest possible time. If you are faced with how to get the most out of your employees, here are some practical tips to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

Be willing to delegate

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As obvious as this may sound, it is one of the most challenging tips to implement. It is okay if you want to dominate every part of your business. Although quality prioritisation is essential, taking control of every detail by yourself can waste valuable time. Instead, you may consider offering responsibilities to qualified individuals and have trust that they will deliver on the job. This is even an opportunity for your team members to grow their leadership skills and abilities, ultimately adding to your business advantage. There is a reason you hired your team; give them the opportunity and trust they’ll deliver.

Match jobs with expertise

Having a good understanding of the employee skills, experience, and behavioural attitude is vital for maximising their efficiency. For instance, a creative and extroverted personality with the ability to think outside the box is more suited to pitching ideas to customers or potential investors. However, such personalities feel inhibited and struggle in an environment that feels more detail-oriented and strict. That said, expecting your employee to be an excellent fit for every role isn’t efficient. Instead, find out whether they’re the best fit for a role or task, or find another person who has the skill and personality to deliver the job best.

Ensure effective communication embrace remote working

If you are a business owner or manager, you know that communication is productive for every workforce. Technology has changed how people communicate with each other, either face to face or via the touch of buttons. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean communication methods are as efficient as they could be. According to a study, emails take approximately 28% of employee time, while other statistics suggest that it is the second most time-consuming employee activity after their particular jobs.

However, rather than depending only on emails, you can try social networking tools designed for much faster team communication. You can likewise encourage your staff to seldom implement more old-fashioned contact forms, for instance, voice to voice.

Get the right resource and tools

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Providing your employees with the appropriate tools and equipment is vital for performing jobs effectively and efficiently, and on schedule. Spending time doing paperwork on activities like printing can be counterproductive if you don’t have the fast-printing equipment. Modern, high-quality tools and equipment not only make a difference for your workforce productivity but equally enhance your brand image. Likewise, you can find document management services if your business deals with so many administrative activities like scanning, document sourcing and destruction, and storage. 

Promote work feedbacks

It is impossible to improve your employees if you don’t know their efficiency levels. This is why performance reviews are necessary for assessing your staff and engaging them personally. This informs them on the areas they are excelling in and where they need to work. Yet, measuring your employee performance isn’t entirely about what they can improve, but you are taking some responsibility. Yet like your staff, you are not a psychic to know it all. After completing employee reviews, it is also essential to find out how you can assist them to do better. Maybe they prefer more supervision, or your feedback isn’t clear enough. Either way, you can always identify and solve the problem for maximum productivity.

Improve workplace conditions

It is paramount to create the most optimal environment if you expect to get the best from the functional teams. This is why you need to ensure that there is adequate natural light in the workplace. Studies have suggested that workers who have adequate natural light and windows in the office are more rested and most likely to be attentive at work. Need more ideas? Include some green life in the office and avoid leaving your office walls all white. Choose your colours depending on what you are looking for. For instance, go for blue if you want creativity, green for motivation, and red for goal-oriented jobs.

Offer better employee training

It may seem financially beneficial to reduce staff training or cut it out altogether. Yet, this will eventually backfire since forcing your staff to learn on the job can be highly ineffective. So rather than having your employees take an unnecessary risk trying to complete jobs all by themselves, you can take an additional day to teach them the required skills to excel in their respective jobs. This way, they can accomplish so much on their own, and you won’t have to deal with rectifying errors or dealing with what should be minor problems.  

Focus on the big picture

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Some things may seem inefficient for your business presently, yet they’ll be helpful in the long run. So before you refuse to allow or accept what’s a time misuse, figure out how this could potentially improve your business. The big picture is your business foundation, based on your mindset and perspective. This means you can quickly figure out why you began the journey in the first place and what you need to accomplish at every moment. Consider this as what keeps you going even when things get tough.

After appreciating the impact of your staff on business productivity, it is vital to implement the appropriate measures to assess, test and, more particularly, enhance your business valuable resource. Fortunately, these practical tips will ensure you don’t fall behind and utilise every second for the most productive use.

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