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Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Dental Practice

Growing your dental practice was once a matter of word of mouth, adverts in local directories, and referrals for the local medical practice. These methods still work to an extent, but times have changed. Digital marketing and hygiene standards are now the gateways to growing your dental practice and retaining customers long term. 

Use Social Media Ads 

Advertising has changed. It’s no longer effective to list your business in a local directory and expect people to find your practice when they have an aching molar or dull-looking teeth. You have to promote your business on social media. 

Ads on Facebook and Instagram that cater to your target audience and are set to a 50-mile radius work the best. Promote your business regularly on these platforms and include a map, hours of operation, and any useful links – like an old-style brochure. 

Invest in Corporate Gifts

When marketing a dental practice, there are many different options to consider. One of the most effective and affordable methods is investing in corporate gifts. Branded USB flash drives, for example, are a great way to promote your business. Not only do they help increase brand awareness more, but they also serve as valuable tools that can be used to educate patients about your services.

Appointment Reminders 

As a dentist, you’ll know how popular your services are to the local community. People have a love/hate relationship with local dentists, especially when it comes to non-essential treatments – your customers will always make these a low priority. 

That’s why appointment reminders are such an excellent idea. Appointment reminders can be digital or through the letterbox, it is a gentle nudge to tell your appointees to remember about the condition of their teeth and to give you a call. 

Invest in Quality Equipment 

Do you want to walk into a dentist surgery that looks like it belongs in the 1980s or one that wouldn’t look out of place in a galactic starship? Basically, if your practice is clean and modern, that also means it’s hygienic and reliable and your reputation will grow. 

The Best way to achieve a contemporary standard in your practice is to replace the dental chair. The dental chair is the centerpiece of your practice; make sure you have the right dentist equipment, it’s what will make an impact on most people 

Effective SEO

Back to marketing. The bulk of your customers are going to find you through social media sponsored ads or search engine advertising. That’s the way it is these days with 3.96 billion people using the platforms worldwide every day. But you’re only interested in the tens of thousands in your local area. 

Optimize your SEO and digital advertising for your local area and consider bidding on emergency keywords like “emergency” “urgent” “callout” and “care”. It might require some investment but you’re competing in a crowded market square. The good news is SEO investments pay off. 

Email Marketing 

E-mail might have been the technology that kickstarted the Internet but that doesn’t mean that it’s now outdated and no longer has any part to play. On the contrary, e-mail has become both a search engine for users and a powerful marketing tool for businesses. 

Where was that dentist’s email I remember seeing a few weeks ago? After a quick search, it is open in front of you with all of the details and contact information. If you want to grow your dental practice business this year, organize an e-mail campaign. 

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