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Looking to Create a Business Website? Read These Design Tips First

If you’ve just started a business and are wanting to design your first website but feel a bit overwhelmed, you’ve come to the right place. Good website design is essential if you want to attract customers (and keep them coming back for more). Continue reading for tips on how to build a good business website. 

Use a maximum of 3 fonts

Fonts are excellent at adding style to your page, however, going overboard and using too many will result in a messy look (and you don’t want that at all). To achieve a more professional looking site choose one font for body content, one for headers and one for call-to-actions and brand logos. Remember to not type too big or too small.

Add a pop of colour

Without a colour scheme, your website will look dull and this will leave visitors with the impression that your business is dull too. Choosing the right colours will help you create a desirable atmosphere for your site. Now, for the record, we don’t recommend you go mad with colour, choose plain black for regular text and add two to three complementary colours to your logo, header and sidebar. Including pretty pictures will go a long way too! See instarmac for color design inspiration 

Images sources: pixabay

Opt for a neutral background

Your home would look awful if you had print wallpaper around every corner – the same principle applies to websites. Having colour blocks and patterns here there and everywhere is great and all but the problem is it draws attention away from the content on your site. You want people to focus on who you are and what services you offer rather than that crazy wallpaper you downloaded from pexels. 

Align things perfectly 

A good website has everything in order; the text blocks, buttons, images, and headers are aligned correctly. You can ensure your content is structured properly by implementing a grid system. 

Don’t neglect mobile users

Nowadays, more people are using smartphones to browse the internet rather than traditional desktops and PCs. A lot of your customers are going to be mobile web surfers and you’ll lose them if your site doesn’t appear clean to them. The grid system that we mentioned above can make your website compatible with mobile phones. 

Add subheaders

Using a subheader to categorise all your blog posts will clean up the page nicely, making the user experience much easier. 

Make navigation simple

Customers will not hesitate to leave if your site is difficult to navigate around. You can accomplish good site navigation by implementing a clickable logo (which takes you back to the homepage). Simplicity is key if you want good website design.

To summarise,

Website design can be fun or arduous. To make it fun, take the time to do a little research before you begin and adhere to these helpful tips. Remember to design your website through the eyes of the customer to reap maximum success. 

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