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Harness The Power Of In-Store Advertising With These Tips

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These days, we tend to concentrate so much on digital marketing and commercials that retailers often overlook one of the most powerful marketing methods that sit right in front of them: in-store advertising. We focus so much about how we can use external communications to get customers into the shop that we forget our capacity to engage and interact with those customers who are already in the shop. By focusing on in-store marketing strategies, retailers can sell, encourage and activate a profitably priced marketing platform.

The vast majority of purchase decisions are made in-store. As well as that, around two-thirds of consumers make impulsive purchases while they are in the store, which is often driven by in-store promotions. If you are not taking advantage of the power of in-store advertising, that is quite a lot of sales that you are feasibly losing out on.

Those shoppers who are already in your store are poised to receive messages that will have an influence on their shopping habits, and in-store advertising allows you to deliver those messages straight to them. They also have the added benefit of fewer things to be distracted by, so are more likely to be taken notice of.

How to harness the power of in-store adverts

Obviously, this depends on the size and the sector of your store, but there are a variety of marketing platforms and channels in the store.

Your Store Set-Up: When you set up your store or warehouse, you can set up focal points to take your customers on a journey. Consider somewhere like  IKEA, one of the most successful retailers in the world; they guide you through your house as you go through the store, so while you might pass that new table and chairs you need, you will also spot that beautiful candle holder that you could put on it, and before you know it, you have spent twice what you set out to spend.

Signage: Signage is one of the most simple means of advertising promotions and sales to your customers, whether it is an end of aisle boards made from Plywood Cutting, or banners hanging from the ceiling. They are all proven to work.     

Audio Advertising: Talk to your in-store customers directly through your loudspeaker or PA system. You can share information about promotions, sales, specific departments, products and special events.

In-store advertising should be as serious and professional as any external forms of advertising. Do not use all of your resources and budget on enticing customers into your store and then letting them down with cheap and low-quality marketing in-store. Put equal effort into both.  

Make sure that all of your in-store ads and promotions are up-to-date and appropriate. Do not put up Christmas promotions and then leave them there until February; It looks sloppy and you will lose trust and integrity. You need to configure a marketing schedule that will remind your team to change outdated promotional offers and adverts. 

By putting some of these ideas into action, you will hopefully see a growth in sales. What are you waiting for?

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