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Getting Started With B2B Content Marketing

Even if you only sell a single product, your customers are enticed to buy it, or engage in different ways. It is important that you understand how these differences can work in your favor. The bottom line of content marketing is that you are speaking to the customer. 

This is the same for B2C and B2B. 

Here are some basics for your content marketing:

Always talk about your story before you talk about your product. Who you are matters; it is about the compelling narrative and getting people interested – then selling to them. 

The user experience that you provide within your content matters more than you might thing. The content that you create needs to take the users on a journey – from Entry to Purchase. 

Use your content to make links with other companies. You can link to their reports and research, and they are no less valid because you didn’t produce them. And, it will give a healthy opportunity to have some cross-promotion too. 

Create content with layers to it. Add in images that give something to the story; if you have videos, that can be great too (remember to add captions). This breaks up the text and makes it easier to digest. 

Your metrics are going to guide your way to producing better content – repeatedly. 

Paid ads can massively boost your visibility and isn’t just for LinkedIn. You can do this across multiple social media platforms. 

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