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How A Specialist Skill Can Make You Money For The Rest Of Your Life

Do you have a pretty niche skill that not many other people possess? Then you could turn it into a lifelong career that’ll make you a lot of money. The more niche the skill, and the more unusual the hobby, the more likely you are to corner the market and make a huge profit in the long term. 

Sound like a good plan? Then it’s all about how you market yourself from here on out. You’ve got a skill that always turns heads, and whenever someone spots it on your resume, they mention it out of interest. That’s always going to be a good sign! 

Now, you need to turn that sense of hype into something that pays you, whether passively or directly, and there are a variety of ways in which you can do this. 

We’ve listed just a few down below, but there are a sleuth of other methods you could also try once you’ve become confident in selling your skills. Get started with any of these ideas (or all of them!), and see where you want to go from there. 

Specialist Skills Tend to Be in Demand

Specialist skills fall under a large bracket. They tend to be hard to gain, require a lot of practice hours and/or field work, and are very valuable to the market at large. 

Being a qualified electrician or plumber, for example, can be seen as specialised skills these days. If people are going to let you into their homes to work on their personal possessions, you need to have the hard yards under your belt! 

Other specialist skills can be digital, such as SEO and backend coding. Not everyone has the time to invest in these skills, and they’re not going to be picked up unless you’re truly interested in pursuing them. 

But think: how many people do you know who actively hold and use these skills? In comparison, how much more likely is it for someone to hire someone else with these skills to complete tasks for them? The latter will always win out! This is the camp you want to fall in. 

You want to be the person with the in demand skill, and if you think about it, you already are! It’s just that the world now needs to know about it. 

Experience Impresses Investors

If you want to start a business of your own one day, your experience in this niche area is going to be very impressive to any prospective investors. As such, it’s going to be a lot easier to pitch for venture capital and startup funds. You’re going to have the professional and polished presentation ready to go, and you’re going to have the real statistics already in your head to back it up. 

Getting investment support is crucial to a business’ long term survival. Get it right from the beginning and your company is going to have a very successful future, even if you need some support with financial management. You have a specialist skill, that doesn’t mean you need to have every single skill known to man! 

A Better Chance to Become Well Known

Specialist skill sets are held by few people. That means you have the chance to become well known and highly regarded in this circle. You have little to no other competition, and you’re going to become the ‘go-to’ when people want to know about a certain something. 

This is the main factor that’s going to make you a profit over and over again. You have the reputation necessary for people to come back time and time again, no matter what new product or service you’ve brought out. You’ve delivered quality in the past, you’re surely going to do so again. 

Write a Book

It’s been said that every person has a book in them – is this true for you? Most likely! That’s why writing a book can be profitable, albeit on a small scale, but it can deliver checks from your publishing company every month for the next ten to fifteen years.

Of course, you need to have confidence in your written voice. So, how do you feel about creating content? It takes a little bit of getting used to, in terms of finding your tone and style, but you’re allowed to go back over each passage and review, edit, and rewrite anything you don’t like. 

Remember, you’re an expert and an authority on the skill in question; any written content you put out is going to be educational in nature. Put yourself in these teaching shoes and you might find you’re a lot more comfortable in writing something from the core of your expertise. 

Get Paid to Appear

We touched on professional reputation earlier, and this is another element of being the one person people know of within your industry: you can get paid to appear at keynote events, business conferences, and on video. 

You can charge for these appearances, depending on what they are, who’s asking for your presence, and how far you have to travel. You can also offer them free from time to time, if you’re speaking on behalf of a charity, or if the company who’s gotten in touch is one you really believe in. 

But all in all, you get to make a profit over your image. This is one of the simplest ways to bring in regular income; when people see you, they know they’re in the right place. 

Sell Lessons, a Course, or One to One Sessions

Expertise is easiest to sell in person. That’s why you should put a personal touch on the products and services you offer and think about selling one off lessons, a full course or two, and even one to one sessions with interested parties. 

Let’s focus on the first two for the time being. Whether this content is going to be written or filmed, creating lesson plans is a one time thing, and then you can put the content out there for clients to use. Come back once or twice a year to ensure the information is still relevant, but you won’t have to put in much more work after the initial creation stage. 

You could even sell portions of content that make your knowledge more easily applied. This might sound a little confusing, but bitesize pieces of your experience can be valuable. 

For example, for people with a teaching degree and nearly lifelong experience working in a classroom environment, you could sell reading passages to newly qualified teachers or those who homeschool their children. All they need to do is buy these teaching materials for a small fee, at which point they can be used in any way they like. 

Then we come to one to one sessions. These work best as supplements to the lessons or courses you already run, as people can take these first and then choose to sign up for more. Think of this as more traditional tutoring. 

Become a Consultant

Being a consultant means being an advice professional. People turn to you when things are going wrong in their business, or when they need guidance regarding something tricky in their day to day work. It involves a high level of trust and it’s not a business to undertake lightly. 

As a result, it’s a lucrative form of business depending on your level of skill, experience, and the industry you’re a part of. Digital marketing consultants, for example, can rake in hundreds of clients per year and turn a very healthy bottom line. 

The number of online businesses who need digital marketing services is crazy; around 250,000 new websites are created every single day. If you even market yourself successfully to 5% of these websites, it’s going to make a lot of money. 

But consultants come in all shapes and sizes. If you’ve got the information and insight, there’s going to be a company or two out there willing to pay for it! Whether you offer your consultant services on a freelance matter or you want to put together a full consulting agency, you can be the person business leaders turn to, and all because you invested in a specialist skill back in the day. 

Got a Specialist Skill? Start Selling it

If you’re tired of the daily grind and fancy making some money off of your own back, use your skills to their full extent. Specialist skills will always be in demand, and when you’ve got expertise that other people can learn from, they’re going to buy into whatever it is you have to offer. 

The invention of the internet made it much easier to become your own boss. Buying into this could allow you to carve out a career that pays for itself. So, make your hard to master skill accessible, keep the content easy to follow, and market yourself over and over again. Promotion is just as much the name of the game as actually having a specialist skill is!

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