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Secret sauces in culinary arts can take any dish from good to great, similarly in business management systems work hard behind the scenes to make operations run efficiently, goals are met, and teams remain harmonious and productive. Like every recipe, which requires different spice blends and components, every business requires unique management systems tailored specifically for them if they want their business engine to run optimally. Let’s peel back some layers and explore which management systems may provide essential oil to fuel its engine!

Quality Management Systems (QMS): The Foundation

Quality Management Systems, or QMSs, form the backbone of successful businesses. Think of QMSs like flour in your pantry – without it you couldn’t bake that cake! ISO 9001 is one such standard that ensures products and services consistently meet customer requirements while constantly improving the quality.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS): Maintaining Sustainability

Today, going green has become not just an honour but an essential goal. That’s where Environmental Management Systems (EMS) come into play. Think of them like organically grown non-GMO oil in your recipe that ensures minimal impact on the environment from business activities. Using ISO 14001 standard helps organisations improve their environmental performance through more effective utilisation of resources and less waste generation.

Information Security Management Systems (ISMS): Protecting Digital Content

In today’s digital environment, keeping information safe can be like protecting a top-secret recipe. Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), with ISO 27001 being the industry standard for providing protection of assets such as finances, intellectual property, and employee details.

Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS): At the Heart of a Kitchen 

No kitchen would function without chefs, sous chefs, and kitchen hands working together in harmony – just like HRMS do for businesses. HRMS focuses on their most vital asset, their people! From recruitment through retirement, HRMS streamlines employee record management processes, ensuring workplace productivity stays running like clockwork in an efficient pantry.

Contract Management Systems (CMS): Securing the Supply Chain

When it comes to culinary delights, finding quality ingredients at reasonable prices is like striking gold. A Contract Management System (CMS) serves as expert negotiators and meticulous record keepers that make sure every agreement with suppliers and partners is mutually beneficial and adhered to. Providing supply chain managers a solid framework on which every handshake deal can be recorded and effectively managed to reduce risks while strengthening relationships and business partnerships.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems: Encouraging Return Customers

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems ensure that diners keep coming back. These systems enable businesses to monitor customer interactions and analyse customer data throughout their customer lifecycle with the aim of creating positive business relationships, improving retention rates, and increasing sales growth.


Like an accomplished chef knows which oil to use to achieve the perfect sear, an astute business leader realises the significance of selecting and implementing appropriate management systems for their operation. From foundational QMSs, eco-conscious EMSs, protective ISMSs, people-focused HRMSs, or customer relationship CRMs, choosing and implementing the appropriate management systems is often at the core of successful businesses, from keeping gears rolling smoothly through to exceptional. Welcome to business management: where the right blend of systems is the key ingredient to success.

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