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Why Investors Are Flocking to Brazil!

A reliable economy, dwindling interest rates and rapidly rising tourism are not the only reasons for Brazil to be considered one of the safest and secure investment destinations in the world. Attracting a global audience annually and since being awarded investment grade status in 2008 by Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s, Brazil is promised to become the biggest eco-friendly places with millions of foreign investment dollars circulating into the country each year.

With eco-tourism being one of the world’s fastest expanding industries said to grow by 25% in the next six years, North East Brazil and Ecocity Brasil have gained complete support from both the federal and national governments due to the dramatically increasing tourism and real estate markets.

Due to the delightful climate, Brazil attracts an array of holiday-goers from fellow Brazilians to Americans and Europeans resulting in a predicted extra three-hundred passenger aircrafts to support the demands of tourism. In turn, this means an increasing need for quality holiday property  for both domestic and foreign markets.

The decrease in interest rates has enabled more Brazilians to afford homes and has resulted in the housing market to offer more mortgage products and open more doors for local people and foreigners alike. Furthermore, because of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the the 2016 Olympics, property values will sky rocket in the next few years providing investors with the perfect opportunity to entrust their money in property.

Thanks to the reintroduction of Brazil’s natural resources, the sturdy macroeconomic policies as well as the social and economic reforms, investors are flocking to Brazil with the knowledge that Brazil is both a prime and secure location for substantial capital.

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