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3 Of The Best Investment Career Paths To Head Down

If you are a bit of a number cruncher and considering a career in investment, then look no further. This rundown of three of the best career paths to head down could well help you hone in on the specific area that is perfect for you.

1. Investment Banker

If you have an eye for raising capital, then becoming an investment banker could well be for you. Typically working for a large corporate, or maybe even the government, investment bankers are crucial for the economy. You may get to work in mergers and acquisitions or specialise in taking firms public. Whichever path you choose, you will undoubtedly be involved in the buying and selling of stocks and shares, bonds, and other financial products.

This has long been quite an elitist line of work, though and you will need top-quality qualifications from one of the best universities or colleges from across the globe to be successful. Who knows? You could become the next Adam Blumenthal, Chairman of Everblu Capital!

2. Trader

You’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street, right? While it’s not quite like that in the real world anymore, there is still plenty of money to be made through trading. While a strong educational background will stand you in good stead, it is not necessarily always required to make it to the top. If you are prepared to work hard enough and possess the necessary gift of the gab, then this could be the perfect career path for you. 

As a trader, you may either manage a portfolio of clients or a hedge fund. Either way, there will be a lot of responsibility on your shoulders and a huge amount of capital at risk. If you can handle the weight of stress and expectation, then you’ll be fine. If not, you could crumble under the pressure. 

3. Property Investor 

Property is one of the most sustainable investments you can make and, for that reason, one of the most sought-after career paths that investors head down. Getting into property is as straightforward as getting on the ladder. Once you are there, then it is down to you to generate value in your real estate and flip it for a higher price. Some property investments won’t need any work at all, their value will naturally increase due to inflation, trends in the market, or a nearby infrastructure project that could instantly heighten an area’s value. 

Property investment is all about identifying the right real estate and knowing when to buy when to sell, and when to cut your losses should things go wrong. That said, there is the least risk attached to this role, with property a proven winner for investors across the globe. 

Ultimately, there are far more avenues you could go down, and often finding a niche in the market is what makes a great investor anyway. Nevertheless, if you are unsure of where to start or where your skills might best be utilized, then hopefully this guide has put you on the right track.

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