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Why Invest in Edinburgh? UK Property Investment

Due to increasing amount of demand in residential property, the UK has become well known as a secure and fast based property in vestment market.

One of the recent hot-spots for savvy eyed property investors, is the city of Edinburgh in Scotland. It is a tremoundously beautiful and historic city, with so many unique and stunning monumental features and has an outstanding amount of national heritage.

It has lead to increase in property investment. But why?

Capital City

Well for a starter its the capital of Scotland, and is also known as the engine of the Scottish economy.


There is a strong influence of Gothic and Medieveal architecture, which has given Edinburgh the reputation as the most culturally rich city in the United Kingdom.

It has several top class universities, boutique high-streets full of upmarket retail shops, art galleries, a wide range of restaurants and plenty of pubs and bars to fulfill an exciting and trendy nightlife experience. The tourissm market is booming in Edinburgh, especially with world famous events such as the Edinburgh Film Festival and the Fringe Festival.

Weather. Really?

So why have so many people, such as residents and investors, have decided to buy property in Edinburgh? You will be surprised to hear that weather isn’t has extreme as most people would imagine it to be. In fact, the winters our fairly moderate in Edinburgh and the summers are beutifuly warm and sunny, and it only gets dark around midnight! Needless to say it does rain, and of course it can get windy when you consider how close it is to the North Sea. But these factors haven’t put off UK property investors, because of the increase of demand in property, from first time buyers to tenants.


The international Edinburgh airport is another factor that helps tourism, business trade, and naturally offers local residents a short distance to a well connected airport. Of course there are also other means of transportation such as buses to the neighboring city of Glasgow, and also a fast train connection to the capital of the world – London – just 4 hours away.


In the mid 2010 the pouplation count of Edinburgh is 486,120. It has demonstrated a constant growth for over 10 years. Which in turn has increased the property rental and sales market. A lot of savvy investors are finding below market opportunities, sometimes in multiple units with added discount prices, so they can be re-sold or even leased to other investors.

So what are your thoughts on investing in property in Edinburgh?

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