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Getting The Expertise Your Business Needs Means Looking Deeper, Not Wider

When it’s time to hire for your business, you want to make sure that you’re not just getting the body count that you need, but the expertise that will truly uplift the business. To that end, you might need to rethink how you hire, if you’re relying on listings alone.

Get them fresh out the gate

There’s an overemphasis on looking for people who bring the precise skills and experience that are necessary to perform a role well. Experience can be good, but if you need technical skills, it can sometimes be easier to train someone new to the game than to retrain someone with their own ideas. As such, you should consider looking at hiring fresh out of college, going to school career fairs, and offering things like internships with real career opportunities. It’s a good way to get your hands on not only some of the most enthusiastic and energetic workers available but those who are most likely to be up-to-date in their knowledge base.

Network, network, network

The power of networking should be clear to any professional that intends to progress their career as far as possible. Whether it’s through local business conferences, expos, or specific networking groups, you should ensure that you become a known quantity to other business owners and professionals in the market and adjacent industries. Not only can you get decent referrals from others in business who share your interests, but you will also see young, eagle-eyed professionals looking for their opportunities. These are the people putting in the most effort for their own career, so you can imagine they’re likely to bring that energy to your business, too.

Specificity is key

If you’re looking for people with the specific skills to bring to a business of your industry or type, then you should be skipping looking in the most widely visible avenues. Listings aren’t going to help if you’re looking specifically for people with experience in the beverage industry, for instance, you’re going to need to work with teams like beverage industry headhunters, instead. Don’t waste your time cutting through the chaff, find the people who can connect you directly to the wheat for a more promising recruitment process.

Think about culture, not just role

The right people for the job will not just be able to carry out the defining elements of the role they’re applying for, and bring the skills necessary. They should match the business culture just as effectively. Company culture is something that should fit them like a glove. Are they likely to be happy working in the environment you provide? Could they see themselves contributing to it in the long term? Are their visions aligned with the company? Think about your company culture and how the right applicants can fit it.

If you want the best fit for your business, then it’s essential that you look deeper, rather than wider. Be specific with your needs and know where to find them. The tips above can help you get started.

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