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When Spring Cleaning Leads to Major Home Improvements

When spring has sprung and the increasing temptation to make your home more fresh and rejuvenated is calling, now louder than ever, it is incredibly easy to get carried away. Where we usually start by tackling that much-needed spring clean to make space, clearing the air of our homes, what happens when that leads elsewhere? 

Sure, we can look at the bare bones of new colour schemes, perhaps wallpaper and paint; after all, if it was a hasty decision whilst in the throws of the spring cleaning season, it’s easily changed and pretty cost-effectively at that.  But what if something really flicks the switch in your creative and energetic mind, such as updating your bathroom. The entire bathroom suite! 

Jumping into such a task in the spare of the moment can lead to highly expensive mistakes or misjudgements that are not so easy to go back on and change later down the line. It is always worthwhile getting the experts in for advice. If you’re not too keen on having visitors or are afraid of the hard sell, there are plenty of bathroom design software options out there, give them a go first to visualise how your space will look in 3d. If you’re going to invest in something this big and this expensive you have to have it planned and designed to perfection. 

What went from cleaning windows and sills throughout the home suddenly becomes the extreme measure of looking at new crisp, fresh windows altogether. Again, think about whether you really do need those new sash windows or french doors first. If your windows really do require an overhaul then there are plenty of other options, for example, bespoke blinds and curtains that could make the entire difference both inside and outside of your home. Sometimes all it takes is a really decision dash of elbow grease so start small before jumping in at the deep end.

Whilst clearing that one messy junk drawer in your kitchen, you’re looking at the counter surfaces and the finish of your cupboard doors thinking why not let’s rip it out and start afresh. Sound dramatic? This happens to so many folks and it is often a rushed, non-thought through idea. With quality hardware stores bought items such as self-adhesive vinyl and tile paint, why not give that a go first, not least to check the colour scheme in your head works in real life first. 

From dull, worn, flat cushioned sofas comes the idea of a brand new corner suite sofa. Easily done, and mostly a good decision to take however this type of purchase is an investment likely to live in your home for upwards of at least 5 years. Contact local upholstery professionals for a quote and advice surrounding your current furniture first. They can work wonders on items that most people would believe are ready for the dump. If you’re still not sure, that’s understandable so head for that new suite. Just remember to measure your internal doorways to ensure it can even make way to your lounge.

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