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Make Your Next Gathering More Sustainable

Everyone has a part to do when it comes to saving this beautiful planet. But not every action against climate change needs to be a grand gesture or a protest. There are little things that everyone can incorporate into their everyday routine to help save the planet. Here is a cohesive guide on how to be a sustainable party host for a multitude of occasions. 

Season’s Greetings

When it comes to holiday celebrations, the major players take place once the sun starts to set a little earlier and the temperatures begin to drop. So how can you effectively be a sustainable host for these holidays? 

Spooky Sustainability

We’ll start in October. Halloween is an incredible fun holiday but contributes to a major waste of plastic and clothing once the night is over. There is a way for you to decrease the amount of waste your event produces: ditch the plastic when it comes to candy and find a DIY costume idea. When it comes to candy, the majority of the options sold are contained in plastic wrappers. That much plastic at the end of the Halloween season has an incredibly harmful effect on the environment. The best way to avoid this much excess plastic is to buy candy that comes in one bag, rather than being individually wrapped. Bags of candy corn, M&Ms and skittles are still delicious sweet treats but the amount of plastic you find yourself throwing away at the end of the night is remarkably less than if you had purchased individually wrapped chocolates.

Much like the plastic waste, the amount of costumes that are worn one night only tend to end up in landfill. By adding all thai clothing to landfills, this garbage is not only raising the Earth’s internal temperature but it also makes the area more susceptible to wildfires now that there is an excess of flammable materials such as cloth. The best way to avoid throwing out your entire Halloween costume the day after is to build a costume out of items you already have in your closet. This way, you’ll  be utilizing  items that you already know you’ll wear again. If there is anything you need to complete your look, you can be accessories locally but keep the receipt. If you don’t think you’ll ever need those accessories again, then you can return them rather than throwing them out.

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Winter Savings

Next, you’ve got the winter season to prepare for. When it comes to winter holidays, the biggest issue when it comes to sustainability is the instinct to crank up the heat. The amount of electricity that goes into heating a household for the full duration of your event. There are plenty of ways to keep your guests warm without blasting the heat all night. One solution for when they first arrive is to offer your guests a warm beverage. There are plenty of seasonal beverages that will keep party-goers from getting cold. Holiday go-tos include hot chocolate, mulled wine, and warm eggnog. Even offering them something as simple as a cup of tea upon arrival can keep your guests warm and help you build sustainable habits. As soon as they walk under your roof, particularly if it’s been recently coated with waterproofing, and out of the snow and wind, they’re mood will immediately improve and your event is starting off on a high note.

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Another easy way to keep guests comfortable while helping save the planet is to have a designated area within your home. By having a door closed will insulate the room your guests are milling about in, you’re preventing a lot of their body heat from escaping the room. By the middle of the event, your guests will be nice and toasty and you’ll be able to bring the heat down by opening doors and windows. You’ll have way more control over the room temperature and your heating bill won’t break your bank account.  

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