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Acquisition of Reflection.oi to Game Refinery

Acquisition of Reflection.oi to Game Refinery

Game Refinery has received mobile insights from the UK mobile specialists Reflection.io. 

 Reflection.io offers downloads and revenue estimation for Android and Ios games in over 35 countries. This initiative has been implemented in many gaming organizations, for instance, Square Enix, Wooga, Miniclip, InnoGames, and Sega.

At the same time Game Refinery that is based in Finland giving mobile designers equipment that analyzes, and evaluates the effectivity and functionality of over 10,000 common games have free to play slots.

The main objective of the Refinery is to ease how they comprehend the monetization process and help grow their games. These acquisitions help improve the number of downloads and improve the revenue data offered to the clients.

The Founder’s opinion

Equipment from Reflection.io will be with time to be incorporated with the Game Refinery portal to ensure that the set objectives are met. In the meantime, the constant blueprint of the organization will continue to be utilized. Based on comments from Markus Ramark who is the Co-founder of GameRefinery he claims that it is important to have access to the right information and insight since it contributes a lot to an effective mobile game publisher.

Incorporating Reflection.io information with the revenues from the apps together with the mobile installs with the UK Tech enriched data on the designs of the games will help grow the mobile gaming network. This proposal has been awaited for by the Game Refinery has it will raise potential bars for them.

Game Refinery is happy to acquire Reflection.io. This has opened its development doors for the organization and also to meet the requirements of the clients. To ensure that the increasing demands for the customers are met they have to ensure that data in increased and revenue boosted.

Reflection is aiming at improving the data platform having its main focus on download information dated from the year 2013 inclusive with the revenue. Creating unbeatable and wide market coverage to double or triple the services they provide clients with the information they will have to put together and downloads as an inclusive of the Game Refinery.

 They want to offer a huge range of markets globally and with this link-up, they will create better games that offer free to play slots creating the demand for the network.

Reflection.io is an institution that is designed to make revenue predictions together with download data and sales data that has been provided by designers and publishers.

How will this impact Game Refinery clients?

The users will experience designs and features launched by Reflection.io that will improve the functionality of the already existing designs of the entity.

 There will be no change in the pricing all that will be different is the detail and the scope of the revenue as compared to the prior one. This will create a new experience for the customers.

How will this affect Reflection users?

The effectivity of Reflection.io will remain the same but with time there will be an integration between the two Reflection being a contributor to the platform of Game Refinery, and all the data of the two will can be accessed from the Game Refinery. As days go there will be an update on the expected changes but there will be no changes made on the pricing.

What does the acquisition mean?

How does the future of Reflection and Game Refinery look like? This is the question on everyone’s mind since there has been a history of a fall on entities that decided to work together but according to this, the future looks bright due to the outstanding performance of the two entities. Besides, the two will work together perfectly and slowly adjusting to the acquisition and will gradually continue incorporating Reflection into Game Refinery to finally become one name.

Why the decision to make the acquisition

Plans have been made before making developments in the Game refinery. It is has been a result of the demands made by the customers. To accomplish this, to offer a wide range of data and the best service the acquisition came along.

 What are the expected results for Game Refinery and Reflection clients?

The most obvious importance of having this acquisition is that the two can provide the services as one having a load of data to and high-technology to meet the client’s demands. There will be an increase in the market for their services and equipment.

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