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Find the Perfect Commercial Tenants with this Awesome Advice

Is there such a thing as the perfect commercial property? The truth is, you can never really tell – until you get tenants in. Only then is it possible to know whether the glamorous, well-positioned office block or warehouse is going to make you millions

Tenants are a critical aspect of any successful commercial property venture – as is finding those tenants. And the only ways to do this are to take a close look at how you are marketing your property and screening your applicants. Read on to discover some awesome means of attracting the right tenants to your building, and reap the rewards.

Put the word out

The first step is to put the worked out to anyone you know. Your family, friends, clients and investor friends will know people who might have an interest. Word of mouth is still the most efficient method of creating a buzz around anything, whether it’s a new tech product or an impressive office block. You could even offer small incentives to people if they find you a small business that is well suited to the environment

Make it pristine

Of course, if you want high calibre businesses on your property, you need a high -quality finish. Leave no stone unturned in your property and make sure everything is gleaming, shining and perfect. Deck it out in neutral colours that are formal enough for serious businesses, but let up-and-coming firms apply their own decor. Find reliable Office Cleaning Services to keep it looking sharp. And ensure there are enough electrical points at hand to sate the needs of the average modern business. The cleaner, fresher and more exciting your premises look, the better rates you can charge.

Robust screening process

Of course, some irresponsible or messy business owners might slip through your net. But the truth is that a solid selection process will weed out any problem companies. You will need a rough idea of how long the company has been in business for, and a basic understanding of whether they can afford it or not. Ask for references, and never take someone on without receiving information from past landlords. You should also ask them questions about the way they do business, to determine if they are suitable for the environment and for other tenants. It only takes one bad apple for people to start complaining, so ensure your whole cart is clean!




Make some rules


Finally, make sure you lay out all your expectations in a document and contract The contract will be handy for any legal issues that arise, but make things clear in a something like a welcome pack, too. When people are aware of the rules, they tend to take more responsibility, so make it easy for them to understand what you demand.  Be fair and friendly, but also be firm. The more tenants mess around, the more impact they will have on the other businesses in your building. Be quick to stamp out any improper behaviour, and you should keep everyone happy.


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