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Investing in Your 20’s

With recent news that over 1/3 of young people will not own their own homes in the UK, now is the time for young people to start making meaningful investments. A full-time job can only go so far in paying rent and bills. But there are options and investing is a good way to save the pennies whilst deciding the next steps. It’s worth taking some time to look around, but here are three popular and easy options:


There’s a huge range of ISAs out there to choose from. These individual savings accounts ensure tax free savings and there’s a good range to choose from, from cash ISAs to a lifetime ISA. People can save up to £20,000 in one account. It’s an ideal way to start saving as you work, for things such as a house deposit and a car. Once the money is in, you’ll want to keep it in there. There is also the Help to Buy ISA which works exactly the same as other ISAs but with a government contribution towards owning your own home.


Cliché as it is, your 20s are the best time to start investing in yourself. Maybe you’ve gone to university or just come out of an apprenticeship, or maybe you went straight into work after school. But it’s likely you won’t quite know what you are doing with your life and that’s completely fine. Your 20s are the best time to experiment with jobs and find what suits you. You can figure out which roles you’ll want to do and which to avoid, before hitting your 30s and settling down. If you want to travel, now is the time, and it’s a really good time to start saving for the future.

Stocks and Shares       

If you know your stuff, investing in stocks and shares is a pretty smart move. Alongside the stocks and shares ISA that is on offer, you can also invest in a share of a company. It is a risk, a bit like taking a gamble on the Slots Casino at Wizard Slots Casino or placing any sort of bet but choose well and it will pay off. Of course, well-known, larger companies are the best ones to go for, and low-risk, but if you want to go higher, you can go for smaller sized companies. It’s a big step and at the time may seem like you’re paying for nothing, but wait it out and you can sell it for more than you paid in. A one-off sum will eventually pay off, and the earlier age you invest, then the longer you can keep your stocks building.

If you are smart with your money and willing to try what it takes to sort yourself out, then your 20s is the ideal time to make a start. There’s plenty of options out there if you do your research well. Millennials may be struggling to own their own home but as the saying goes, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’

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