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How To Better Convince Potential Investors

It’s a terrible feeling to have every aspect of your next business venture planned out and ready to go, but still be waiting on that all important ‘yes’ from an investor. Pitching in front of team of bank lenders can be one of the single most nerve racking experiences in business, especially when you consider they have the power to complete or crush your dreams. However, there a few hacks that can help you improve your approach to become the best entrepreneur you can be, and get a better chance of gaining that all important investment.

Make A Good First Impression

If you turn up to your interview looking scruffy or too casual and fumble over your greeting with little passion, you may as well have not stepped through the door. The way in which you present yourself can have a huge impact on their decision, so put on a fresh suit and tie and make sure you give the impression of sophistication and intelligence. Be confident in each word that comes out of your mouth, and never second guess yourself mid sentence or backtrack when speaking. It’s so important that you make your potential investor’s see the heart and drive you have for your project, as this means they can acknowledge your dedication and be more inclined to trust you with the funds.

Be Creative

When it comes to showcasing your idea, try to be as creative as you can. Think outside the box and consider a 3D visualisation service that can take your concepts and turn them into a (very detailed) form of reality. The more unique points your pitch has, the more it will stand out from the crowd of other hopefuls and show your commitment to the job in hand. Don’t scrimp when it comes to sourcing materials and concepts for your interview, as you essentially have one shot of getting the whole thing right. Bring everything you can to the table, and show your individual flare.

Discuss Your Deadlines

All businesses are required to work to deadlines, so it shows a lot of initiative when you decide to discuss this topic. Setting out your goals can help your potential investors to better understand how serious you are about the whole situation, and the time that you are more than willing to put in to make it all work. The more you show them how much you really want the project to succeed, the more inclined they will be to agree that you will do all in you power to stop the ship from sinking.

Hopefully these simple yet helpful tips will be able to give you that extra little bit of confidence in your investment interview. Trying your best is the only thing that matters whatever the outcome, but if it is a ‘no’ then don’t be shy to ask for feedback on reasons why you were not successful. You can then use this to build on your approach when you get another opportunity. Don’t give up!

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