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The Most Expensive Properties in The United Kingdom

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Properties of the United Kingdom have always been one of the most expensive options. The houses, the chateaus, the villas and the castles all represent a land full of architectural brilliance. So how do the English represent this architecturally extravagant system these days?

There are a number of different styles of buildings and they have evolved over a long period of time. England is one of the most expensive places to reside in currently, with property prices hitting the roof. Let’s take a look at a few historical, present day and statistical details of the properties that can be purchased in UK.

1988+ – Present Day Modern Houses

Currently, there are various different styles of homes obtainable by procurement.
Terraced Houses: Generally, these are a single home of a group of houses that are connected with each other and the sides are shared.
Bungalow: A simple single-storey building used as a residence.
Detached House: A detached property does not have any other property sharing any of its sides.
Semi-Detached Home: These kinds of buildings have a structure on any one side of the house only.
Flat: In a building of many apartments on a number of floors, this is a single flat that shares its corridors and the residential building with other people residing there.
Maisonette: A Maisonette can have as many rooms and storey as the owner likes and it usually has a private entrance.

The prices of land have always been particularly high in the United Kingdom, since the beginning of the rise of residential structures. Let us take you down memory lane to see the types of houses that ruled the housing trends of earlier Britain.

1837 A.D. – Victorian Era Homes

All the homes were constructed and erected with stone bricks and the working class mostly chose terraced homes as their residence. The well-to-do population favored villas with advanced terraces, private gardens and patches.

1714 A.D. – Georgian Houses

These were built with fireproof red bricks or slates. They were four-sided and symmetrical in form, making them very pleasing to the eye.

1485 A.D – Tudors Houses

Tudors were ordinary houses with frames made of wood, where the cracks or open spaces left were filled with brushwood or daub.

1066 A.D. – Norman Houses and Castles

This is when the first wooden castles emerged; later on they were built with stone.

793 A.D. – Viking Houses

These were long rectangular houses made with stone, upright timber, blocks of turf or wattle.

450 A.D. – Anglo-Saxon Houses

These were cottage or hut-style buildings made of wooden walls and straw roofs, although cathedrals and churches were constructed from stone.

43 A.D. – Roman Houses and Villas

Roman-style residences with spacious and huge villas made out of wood and bricks.

500 B.C. – Celtic Round Houses

These houses were round with mud walls and roofs made out of straws.

The standard yearly worth of all UK homes since 1983 has increased by leaps and bounds – roughly 428%. This presents quite a challenge for first-time home buyers since the overall expenses of properties have actually managed to increase approximately 483%, this number is staggering.

These prices are 55% more than the countrywide standard as well which can prove to be enough to cause bankruptcy for a middle class buyer.

10 Highest valued Properties in Britain

  1. 18/19 Kensington Palace Gardens
  2. Lowndes Square, Belgravia
  3. One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge
  4. Toprak Mansion, Bishops Avenue
  5. Bienhelm Palace, Oxfordshire
  6. Witanhurst, Highgate, London
  7. Franchuk House, Belgravia, London
  8. Uptown Court, Surrey
  9. Highclere House, Berkshire
  10. Longleat, Wiltshire

If you wish to find out in detail the price range of locations mentioned, check out our info graphic that explains all the statistics surrounding the properties of the United Kingdom.



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