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Mistakes To Avoid When Hosting Outdoor Events

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An outdoor business event can often be fun and memorable for all involved. However, outdoor events do come with their added challenges. Below are a few of the common mistakes that businesses make when hosting outdoor events.

No rain plan

The biggest challenge to overcome with an outdoor event is the weather. It’s essential that you plan for eventuality of rain – even if it’s the middle of a dry summer. The weather can be unpredictable and you don’t want your event to be a washout. 

Consider setting up a marquee – this will provide shelter from the rain and shade from the sun. Alternatively, host your event somewhere where you have the option of going indoors if the heavens open. You could also consider bringing umbrellas to the event that you can give out to attendees if it’s raining. Make sure that any electrical equipment at the event is waterproof.

No permit

When hosting any outdoor event, it’s important that you have permission to use that land. It’s also important that you consider extra licenses like an alcohol license, fire permit or noise permit. You could have your entire event shut down if you don’t have the right permits.

You can research permits online. Make sure to be thorough with your research – something as simple as lighting candles at your event could require a fire permit. Permits usually require a fee, which may vary depending on the size of your event. 

No security

Security is essential when it comes to many events – especially large events and events involving VIPs. Don’t skimp out on security, otherwise you could find yourself hosting an event to lots of unwanted visitors.

It’s worth outsourcing a professional security service to help control access to every entrance. With events like festivals, you should be prepared to invest lots of money into security so that the entire perimeter can be monitored. With smaller events, you may only need one or two people manning the entrance checking tickets. If VIPs are visiting your event, consider whether they need to be escorted by security. 

No lighting

If you’re hosting an event in the middle of the day, lighting might not be so important. However, if you’re hosting an event that’s likely to continue into the evening, it could be essential that you look into lighting. A poorly illuminated event could lead to potential accidents if people can’t see where they’re going.

Some outdoor venues may already have lighting that can be turned on in the evenings. If this isn’t the case, look into hiring lighting for your event. This could be anything from string lighting for an ambient glow to flood lights for providing much more intense lighting. In order to plug in lighting, you’ll also need power, so make sure that you’ve got a power supply (for certain events, it could be worth hiring a generator and possibly a backup generator).

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