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Why Having An Outdoor Space Can Benefit Your Workplace

Every office should have an outdoor space if possible, as the benefits that it can have for your employees and staff morale is incredible. It can do wondrous things for their mental health, productivity and overall happiness, which, in the long term, will have a positive effect on your bottom line. It does not have to be an expensive project either – in fact, a small team of you could build a fabulous space for very little money and time. All you need are a few slabs, some stone slab handling equipment, a bit of DIY know-how and a few potted plants! However, if you still need further encouragement, read on to find out why you need an outdoor space for your office. 

It reduces stress

If your employees are stressed and anxious, they are unlikely to be at their most productive. To help them perform at their very best, create a space where they can go and sit for five minutes, or eat their lunch. Being outside has been proven to have a positive effect on mood, so by providing even a small outdoor space, you will be benefiting your staff. It may also be useful to look into the Pomodoro technique, as this has been shown to help with productivity. This is where someone works for twenty-five minutes before having a five-minute break – if you can incorporate the outdoors into that break, you may well find everyone will be in a much better frame of mind for work. 

It’s an excellent way to be sustainable.

Cultivating plants is good for both air quality and encouraging bees, so creating a space where there is greenery marks your business as one that is both sustainable and conscientious about their environment. If you only have a small space, fill it with flowering plants, which gives urban bees a safe area to forage. 

You can also look at growing your own fruit and vegetables. If you have an on-site canteen, you can use these to feed your staff or sell them to make some extra money for staff nights out or wellbeing activities. If you wanted to do something good for your community, you could look at donating them to a food bank.

Keeps Your Employees Engaged

Having space for your staff to relax and socialize means they are more likely to stay together rather than go their separate ways to coffee shops and parks across the city. Spending time together in an environment that is comfortable and tranquil will help them to bond and create a more engaged and dedicated team. It is also an excellent way of increasing productivity and retaining employees. 

Provide Alternatives

Not everyone can provide an outdoor space for their team, and if you can’t, it is vital that you incorporate as many elements inside as you can. These include getting rid of those horrible fluorescent lights and providing plenty of natural light and windows that open to allow fresh air to circulate, indoor plants to encourage good air circulation and where possible, use natural materials like wood.

Hopefully, some of these points will help you to realize just how important and beneficial having access to an outdoor space can be for both your employees and your company. 

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