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Why Go Green As A Small Business?

Going green is increasing in popularity; therefore, it is now becoming essential for businesses to follow suit and move into the ‘green’ working environment. Consumers are proving to follow and interact with the companies that show they care about the environment over those who don’t appear to be doing anything about it. 

Companies of all varieties and sizes are slowly but surely beginning to realize they can play a substantial role in protecting the environment and it’s up to you as a small business owner now to get left behind with the changes. In the long term, going green can also result in substantial savings for your company. Have a look below at how to go green and what it could do for you: 

The Benefits 

The main thing that makes even the smallest of companies consider and take action on going green is the realization that even the tiny amounts of waste add up to a significant impact over time. If you chose not to be green and your company has run for ten years already you could be damaging the environment- this is not what your customers are looking for. Wasting less will eventually also have huge savings for your company. Making small changes such as turning equipment off when not in use or screens when taking a break can all add up to cutting high costs. 

Go Digital And Save 

Not only does printing use a lot of ink, paper, and company funds, it is also damaging to the environment.  Although the cost of printing may seem small initially, it quickly adds up, particularly regarding ink, think about the value of just one cartridge. It also causes substantial damage to the environment, since the paper is made from trees and not only a few, a lot of them. By moving to digital as much as possible (which can be hard to do to start with), you will not only cut your costs but save the trees too. You may even find that you can claim tax breaks for going digital. If you need help going green, the ESOS compliance service has more information on ways they can lend a hand. 

Government Awards

With climate change gaining more and more traction and attention from the public, it’s not surprising the government wants to crack down on being environmentally friendly as much as possible. Much like residential schemes where they will provide things such as new boilers and solar panels for people homes, the government also have awards and programs to help businesses to be more ‘green.’

Think About The Publicity

There is more than meets the eye about going green as a business such as the benefits of being able to advertise yourself an environmentally friendly company. This is what people are looking for nowadays, so shout it from the rooftops. Use to print invoices but now you email- shout about it! Try creating a policies document that you can advertise on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Many companies engage in green actions, but they forget about the promotion, so stand out above your competition and let your customers know what you’re doing. 

It can be a lot simpler to go green with your business than you know, and it’s certainly worth doing. What methods have you started to look at? Could you share any tips in the comments section below? 

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