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Renovations That Make Your Home More Sustainable

Sustainable renovations are becoming more necessary nowadays, but there is still room for improvement. Whether you are renovating a property for personal or commercial reasons, it’s more cost-effective to make upgrades that future-proof the home and improve valuations. Find out more about sustainable renovations and the construction industry in the article below.  

Insulation Upgrades 

The construction industry is a massive contributor to carbon emissions; it ranks third in global greenhouse gas emissions underneath electricity and heat production and transport. The construction industry emits around 6 billion tons of Co2 and greenhouse gases into the air.  

Of course, many older buildings are not carbon neutral due to the construction processes, but positive action can still be taken by homeowners to help to decarbonize the sector and support Net Zero efforts. Insulation upgrades are one of the simplest ways to reduce carbon and save.  

Sustainable Fixes

Since the construction industry has so much work to do on decarbonization, there is huge pressure on the industry to develop circular sector strategies to reach Net Zero; one of these is a zero waste policy. There have already been some positive movements in this industry area. 

The K-Brick is a type of brick made from recycled construction materials, so it’s zero waste; it is also zero carbon because it is not clay-fired like conventional bricks. Another solution is to improve the foundations and structure of buildings for their lifespan; visit Cdaniels Foundation

Double/Triple Glazing 

Making a home more sustainable doesn’t have to be a long-term project; you can start in the short term with so-called low-hanging fruit. In terms of sustainable renovations, this means double and triple glazing on the windows to insulate the home, reducing your carbon emissions. 

New build homes tend to have double or triple glazing as part of the drive towards energy efficiency, so if you live in an older property or you have recently invested in one, double and triple-glazed windows are one of the best places to start. Start with the low-hanging fruit.   

Energy Systems 

Naturally, energy systems play a key role in decarbonizing the home and contributing to Net Zero efforts; energy systems can be carbon-heavy or carbon-neutral, and there are lots of options nowadays for the latter. Biofuels and renewable energy are two of the most popular. 

A biofuel boiler can make your property carbon neutral overnight thanks to an innovative system for supplying sustainable woodchip for the furnace and absorbing it with local forests and carbon capture. Switching to a sustainable heating system makes a property more valuable.      

Reclaimed Materials 

The circular economy is the target of society at large, but in the construction industry, there is a growing need for a circular sector; this means reusing and reclaiming materials to support zero-waste strategies throughout the industry. Support this with sustainable renovations. 

If you are renovating your home, try to use a building company with zero-waste protocols in place, you could also source your own sustainable materials for your renovation project. Any efforts towards residential sustainability will improve the valuation of a property significantly.

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