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How To Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

With more of us being wary about how much we’re impacting the environment, it’s time for more businesses to do more about their own impact. Here’s how to make your business more eco-friendly and sustainable.


Reduce The Building’s Energy Usage

There’s likely to be many staff members within your building, and the amount of energy that is consumed on a daily basis can be a shocking surprise if you could see it in numbers. In order to reduce your building’s energy usage, it’s beneficial to talk with your staff directly, and this can be done through team or staff meetings. Set a few building rules like turning off lights in rooms when they’re not being used and be wary of running water and not wasting too much stationary carelessly. These are all small changes, but they can end up making a big difference if everyone did their part.

Have Staff Work From Home Often

Remote working provides companies with the opportunity for staff to work on the go from anywhere, so long as they have an internet connection. However, giving your staff the option to work from home is not only good for their work-life balance, but it can also cut down your energy usage in the building. With less computers turned on, you can save on costs to your bills, but most importantly, it’s making less of an impact on the environment. 

Make Use Out Of Everything

It’s important that staff members and your building get as much use out of everything as possible. Any packaging that comes through the building, ensure that it all gets separated into the relevant bins so it gets recycled properly. If you’re working on a site, then be sure to use local suppliers like agricultural briquetting for example. Working with local suppliers will have a bigger benefit on the environment in general as you’re contributing less gas to get it from across the country to where you may be. 

Recycle Electronic Waste

Electronic waste is one of the main issues that are caused by businesses. Keyboards, desktop towers and various other electrical appliances are not easy to break down, and they would be much more beneficial if recycled properly. There are plenty of companies who can help recycle electronic waste and often enough, many collect for free because they are likely profiting quite a lot from what you give them. A lot of them will also offer more premium services in which they can help wipe away confidential information safely and securely. 

Plant More Nature Outdoors

If you have any outdoor space, now is the time to utilize it and to create more of a happier environment. Plant trees, shrubs and other plants and flowers to help promote cleaner air to the environment and to keep the ecosystem around you, in good shape.

By making these small changes to your business, you are helping to contribute, like many others, to a happier and healthier environment that can be enjoyed by generations to come.

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