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Eco-Friendly Methods for Commercial Landscaping

As more and more of us are becoming environmentally-conscious, many companies are choosing to “go green” by implementing eco-friendly strategies and spreading awareness to employees of the human impact that we have on our planet. This can prove to be effective, but when it comes to eco-friendly commercial landscaping, it can often be ignored. However, there are many eco-friendly landscaping methods to reduce your environmental impact that are both cost effective and able to give attractive and inviting results for your business’ outdoor area.

Embrace Native Trees and Plants 

The outdoor appearance of your business is the first part that visitors see, so it is understandable why many business owners choose exotic plants and trees to decorate the entrances or walkways of buildings. However, trees and plants that are not native to the region that they are planted in can result in a higher level of watering and maintenance, and are often prone to drought and heat, and disease. Native trees and plants are less likely to present these problems, and are largely beneficial in attracting wildlife and insects to support the ecosystem.

Recyce Tree and Plant Debris 

Maintaining commercial landscapes can inevitably generate large amounts of tree debris and green waste. Ensuring that your business makes an active effort to manage this waste is vital in ensuring sustainability and cutting disposal costs through conserving resources and composting. For land maintenance that requires the removal of tree debris such as limbs or stumps, wood chippers can prove effective in recycling wood into chips or sawdust which can create organic mulch or other recycled products, and clears the area for new planting. 

Use Sustainable Irrigation Systems 

Irrigation systems for your commercial property are integral in maintaining the vibrancy of your landscape all year around. However, it is important to consider the effects on the environment through its widespread usage. Utilising high efficiency irrigation systems such as drip irrigation can ensure the health and vitality of your commercial landscape without the unnecessary wasting of water. 

Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting 

Using solar powered outdoor lighting is an ideal method to lower energy costs and to reduce light pollution. While standard lightning requires non-renewable energy sources, solar lightning renews itself using the sun’s energy, and is an excellent green alternative to reduce your carbon footprint for residential and commercial properties alike. They also eliminate high installation costs that come with traditional lighting, such as wiring and trenching. Choosing to use solar powered outdoor lightning can also visibly reflect your business’ commitment to sustainability. 

Hire Electric Lawnmowers 

Conventional gas lawn mowers require the fossil fuel oil and emit a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions including carbon monoxide, organic compounds, and nitrogen oxides, which largely contribute to air pollution. Due to the wider size of commercial properties, it is important to consider hiring electric lawnmowers to limit any negative impact on the environment. Electric lawn mowers are conventionally less expensive to run, easier to maintain, safer to use, and above all, eco-friendly for covering larger areas. 

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