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5 Ideas To Help Your Business Go-Greener

Business owners have a social responsibility to consider the impact that their operations have upon the environment. The process involves perfectly balancing profit and ethics and seeking green alternatives consistently. Going greener as a business can be achieved with the following ideas.

1 . Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring refers to the activities and procedures carried out to monitor and define the environment, and it’s quality. The procedures are used to prepare impact assessments concerning environmental factors. This kind of monitoring seeks to reduce the harm that humans may cause to their natural environment. One aspect of this is identifying patterns and trends in terms of air pollutants. For example, environmental monitoring for building sites is common. These types of environments often need noise monitoring and assessment, to ensure that an excess of harmful substances are not being released into the atmosphere.

2. Solar Power

Adopting a solar power solution is a wise move for any business. With solar power, you’ll save money on your energy bills after the initial expenses for installation are paid for. Renewable energy sources are becoming a more popular choice, for businesses who wish to go green and improve their reputation. Going green is not just good for the planet; it’s also useful to present your company as ethical and socially responsible.

3. Cloud-Based

If you don’t already do everything in the cloud, make it so and get instant green-points! With cloud-based technology, there’s little need for traditional paper-based filing. For example, you can use cloud-based CRM software to manage all of your customer accounts digitally. CRM software allows you to store all of your customer info and preferences in one place to ensure improved relationships and leads. Project management software will enable you to organize and collaborate perfectly, you can see every project details digitally, so again it’s goodbye to paper.

4. Cycle Schemes

Introducing a cycle to work scheme is a great way to go greener as a business. It’s worth offering some perks to get more employees on board. This might be discount vouchers for the bikes, theatre tickets or restaurant deals. With a perk or two in-store, you’ll soon get more employees braving the bike.

5. Telecommute

No one minds the odd day or two working from home, so why not offer telecommuting options for your staff? With remote staff, you’ll save on utilities and also on hardware. It may not be viable depending on the type of company that you run, but if you can make it happen, there are plenty of benefits. Besides using less in-house resources, studies have indicated that employees with flexible working arrangements are more productive. With cloud-based technology, it’s easier than ever to manage a remote team. Tools like Slack and Zoom help companies to stay connected wherever they may be.

A greener business is easily achieved with small changes here and there. Using only energy-saving appliances is a great call, along with updating the windows to prevent a loss of heat. When you are buying the essential sanitary or stationery items for your building, ensure that all are recyclable and biodegradable.

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