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What to Do with Old Technology

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The advancements in today’s consumer technology has meant that most of us are on a constant upgrading binge. We move on to the latest and greatest in software, in technology and in devices, but the question often crops up as to what you should be doing with your older technology.

What do you do with all your upgraded Nokias and iPhones? Do you keep a stack of gaming consoles or do you get rid of them whether you decide to sell them on Gadget GoGo Or you decide to upgrade them in the same store you bought the last ones. You do need to have somewhere to put them, otherwise you’re going to end up with a garage full of old technology. Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that you need to keep up somehow, and here are the things that you can do with your old technology. 

  1. Hand it down.
    The chances are good that the old technology that you’re upgrading from probably still has a lot of life left, it’s just that it’s not hip anymore. Some developers often slow down their software too, so that it doesn’t move as fast as it used to. If you’ve upgraded your handset and you don’t know what to do with your old one, why not pass it along to your family members? You could even pass it to a friend who doesn’t need to be at the cutting edge of technology but really wants to have a new phone.
  2. Sell it on the marketplace.
    You’ll never get the original full market value for anything because as time goes on it depreciates very quickly. But you can still sell your old technology and make a little bit of cash. The high demand items such as Apple products and Samsung products often still are easier to sell than others and it will still get you some money that you didn’t have previously. If you’re a business and you’re looking to sell some more technology, contact dealers that will help you to output anything of your equipment on sale. 
  3. Donate it.
    There are plenty of charitable organizations out there that will take donations of computer equipment. School budgets are being cut everywhere, so donating those usable but older options to a school would be a great idea. You just also need to make sure that the school will accept the pieces that you’re planning to donate and you’ve wiped the hard drives completely. 
  4. Recycle them.
    There are so many major retailers out there like Best Buy and Target who will have in store recycling receptacles for the smaller electronics. This is the case for spent ink cartridges and old batteries too. If you have newer Apple products, Apple offers a recycling program and you could get a store credit for a new Apple product, so if you’re upgrading it can help towards the cost and save you some cash.

Upgrading and upcycling can make a big difference to your wallet and free up some space.

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