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How To Host A Meeting In A Small Space

When you’re running a business it’s likely that you’ll run into plenty of opportunities to open up your premises for meetings and other events such as conferences. It’s also likely that because you’re opening up a space within your premises that you want it looking neat, professional, and most importantly, impressive enough to bring people back time and time again. Even if you’ve only got a small space in which you can host a meeting, it’s still very possible to pull off the look and feel you’re going for. With that in mind, we’ve got some tips on how to host a meeting in a small space.

Strategically place furniture

It can be difficult to maneuver around a room when there’s not much space and furniture such as desks and chairs which need to be in there. Try out a few different ways of arranging your furniture so that you can find a way that both makes sense and frees up as much space as possible.

Keep the room warm without bulky heaters

There’s nothing worse than being in a meeting in a freezing cold room. However, when you’ve not got a lot of space to work with, having bulky heaters might not be the idea solution to this dilemma. Fitting thick blinds and heavy contract carpet is sure to not only keep the room much warmer, but also ensure it looks professional and stylish.

Let plenty of light in

When you’ve got a small room it’s easy to make mistakes when it comes to making it appear larger. Making sure that whenever possible there’s plenty of natural light in the room will help make it look larger. Not only that, natural light is easier to concentrate in rather than spot lights.

Keep the walls light

To help light reflect off the walls and make your office appear larger, keeping your walls painted in a light colour such as magnolia will also help you achieve the look you’re after. Another bonus of light and plain walls is that people are more likely to concentrate because there aren’t any distractions. On the flip side, having walls too plain can be under stimulating. Placing plants and simple office artwork around will help bring some class into the room too.

Have a system set up for presentations

Finally, rather than having to waste time setting up computers, laptops, and projectors each time it comes to using your meeting room, it might be an idea to have a system set up ready. Not only will this make meetings more efficient, but it will also save on trailing wires and anything that could make your small room, look unprofessional.

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