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Bread & Circuses: Why Public WiFi Is Essential For Businesses

Modern businesses can’t survive without an internet connection. Today, a WiFi router is as essential as your marketing budget, if not more so. After all, you can advertise effectively with a small budget as long as you stay online.

Yet, although your company might have the best WiFi on the market, it might not be open to the public. Usually, connections are private and kept secure for security and monetary purposes. However, these are no longer valid excuses, not for consumers anyway.

A free and easy-to-access internet connection is what people expect. Here are the reasons you should give it to them.

Authentication Page (Part 1)

Most free WiFi connections don’t sync automatically. To log-in, users have to input their details and go through an authentication page. The former is a very necessary evil that this post will address later. For now, it’s time to focus on why using a landing page is good for business. The answer is straightforward – it’s a perfect advertising opportunity. Aside from your deals and promotions, you can sell the space to suitors who want to raise brand awareness to make money. Therefore, everybody wins. You turn a profit, sponsors generate new leads, and customers stay connected.

Authentication Page (Part 2)

The other side of using a sign-in page in conjunction with free WiFi is data collection. Currently, shopper’s personal information is a goldmine of behaviour and buying patterns. By storing it, you can sift through the stats to find the answers that enable you to tweak products and services and boost sales. Firstly, you’ll need a fibre optic contractor that can provide a platform which can handle a large volume of users. Then, you must figure out which elements of the registration page are necessary and which ones you can omit. Otherwise, the sign-up sheet will be too long and they’ll bounce.

Customer Safety Net

A world without an internet connection is filled with stress and anxiety. The general public can’t take the risk of being offline for too long, which is why they need a backup plan. Outside of the house and with mobile data low, shoppers turn to establishments they can trust to provide them with free WiFi. Starbucks is an excellent example of a company that sells more than coffee – it sells an on-the-grid haven for anybody who’s running low on data. It’s incredible how powerful a marketing tool free WiFi is. Lots of people will return to your brand due to the fact that your internet connection is accessible.

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Social Visibility

Have you ever used public WiFi before? If you have, you’ll notice that certain organisations prefer Facebook as a landing page. There’s a good reason for this, and it’s that it gives users the chance to increase the brand’s social visibility. Merely going the extra mile to offer customers free WiFi is enough to encourage them to like the page. And, the more people who see the likes, the higher the chance the business has of going viral. 

At the least, it will build awareness and make audiences more curious, and all it takes is an internet connection that’s public.

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