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Hiring A Freelance Copywriter

Hiring someone on a freelance basis to write your copy provides a level of scalability and specialisation that you might not find amongst your own staff. Selecting someone who already has an existing role to double as your copywriter is rarely successful, as everyday work will keep getting in the way. A freelance copywriter brings a fresh perspective to the work, and will dedicate their time to your task especially. You might not even yet realise that you are in need of a freelance copywriter to improve your business. With that in mind, here are a few things copywriters can do for you.

Effective Website Copywriting

Website copywriting services are the number one way in which a freelance copywriter can help grow your business. It is an obvious point that your online persona is incredibly important to the way in which your company is perceived. A good image can have knock-on effects for everything, through to the overall success of your business. You might provide the world’s best product or services, but if your website doesn’t communicate that fact to the world, then you are not going to get far. 

Copywriting services can step in here to provide you with the best words to promote yourself online. Design is important, and everyone wants a sleek-looking website, but language is the deal maker or breaker. Everyone can tell a third rate company from poorly worded or clunky sounding product descriptions. If you want your business to come across as successful and competent, you will need copy that demonstrates this to your online audience. 

Compelling online content not only drives traffic to your site but helps turn traffic into more sales. For this, you need a copywriting service that not only provides good looking copy, but provides writing that will appeal directly to your target audience. As with a degree of eloquence in real life, great copy online is everything. 

Informative Brochure Copywriting

There are quite a few other areas which a freelance copywriter can help you with. Writing for internal communications is one. It is important to make sure that key policies and decisions are understood with clarity and depth. Hiring copywriters for press releases is also a smart move, as these need to be cleverly worded for a media-savvy bunch. 

Another worthwhile use for a copywriter is brochure writing. As we have seen, words are fairly essential for any level of communication with your customers. But brochures are usually a little longer than your standard email or webpage, and so the copy must be able to engage your reader throughout and maintain a consistent fluency. The likes of Duplo International can provide the print finishing technology for your brochures, ensuring they look great, but before this, the writing needs to be spot-on. 

For brochure writing, you will need a copywriter who can go into a lot more depth and communicate in detail while still being absorbing. Because the written word is so important to a brochure, it is essential to hire a professional copywriter. Freelance copywriters will have had a greater range of experience than in-house writers; and will be able to bring a fresh perspective and a breadth of experience to the project.

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