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What Makes Your Brand Relatable?

Coca-Cola. Apple. Google. Samsung. Nike.

The sole mention of these names suffices to evoke the logos, values, and marketing campaigns to the mind of the attentive readers. We live in a world of brands. And while big brands are known and memorable, small businesses often struggle to get noticed. With over 28 million small companies in the US only, and even more mid- and large-size businesses, creating a unique brand is a crucial but difficult experience. However, in a world where brands compete for attention and visibility on the market, you can’t afford not to build a relatable brand that people notice and love.

Ultimately, there is no choice. If you don’t stand out, you disappear. When it comes to a brand, standing out is your top priority, and standing out in such a way that your audience is drawn to you is your biggest and most important challenge.

How can you do it? By making sure you’re doing things right:  

Unique brand design that builds recognition

The reasons why some brands make the cut and others are quickly forgotten are varied and complex. But the main factor of recognition begins in your choice of a visual that conveys your brand personality and message. As people need a mere 50 milliseconds to form a first impression, you need a visual that grabs not only the attention but also shares the brand story.Take Apple: Everything about the brand shares its sleek, high tech, stylish, and innovative message, from the design of the website to the minimalist logo. What the brand has managed to create is not only a logo that people recognize, but also a visual story that conveys what the brand stands for, hence connecting the audience at an emotional level.

You’re a leader, not a manager

Your design offers visual characterization to your brand. On the other hand, the leader is the voice of the brand. Providing insight and guidance, the leader empowers the brand to go further. To go back to Apple, it’s only when Steve Jobs took back the leadership of the company that Apple could become the successful company it is. His understanding of the market trends, his sense of stylish tech and his communication skills moved Apple to the top. If you’re in the process of building your company, you might want to add new skills to your manager’s functions with an online leadership degree that gives you insights into unifying team and brand management. Without a leader, the brand lacks direction and unity.

Your values make you stand out

Defining the values of your brand is about building a compass that guides your audience and business toward a path of self-improvement. Your values don’t only represent who you are, but also who you want to be. For Apple, back in 1997, the campaign ‘Think different’ immediately redefined the brand ideals of simplicity, innovation, and quality and injected new customer experience. Customers who buy Apple also hope to translate the values to their own work.

Your brand is your business identity. It’s the combination of visuals, a voice and business beliefs that come together not only to create the story of your company but also to reach out to the market. In a crowded market, you want to tell a story people want to listen to, a story that relates to your audience.

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