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NapBots Partners with BitPanda Pro as Trade Automation Partner

NapBots has announced one of its first key partnerships with Bitpanda Pro as a full trade automation solutions partner. Bitpanda Pro is a digital asset exchange for European crypto-to-fiat markets, launched by the team behind the neo-broker Bitpanda who recently announced its global expansion. Since its founding in 2014, Bitpanda has been focussed on regulatory compliance and high-quality service and security.

NapBots has integrated Bitpanda’s API onto its platform. It allows users to design sophisticated trading bots and mix a predefined library of proven strategies. Once aggregated, the strategy mix implementation is fully automated. Users will have access to trading strategies that can trade on a daily basis, seven days per week.

“With NapBots we found a reliable, well-known partner to onboard,” says Eric Demuth, Bitpanda CEO and co-founder. “We are already looking forward to seeing NapBots customers testing their strategies on Bitpanda Pro.”

Thanks to the team-up between both leading platforms, Bitpanda Pro users will be able to enjoy professional trading bots on their favourite exchange. They will be able to create their own mix of strategies from a dynamic library and can adjust it in just a few seconds directly from their mobile phone. And they won’t need to bother about execution as it will be completely taken care of. This will also be very safe for users as money will never leave their own personal account and they will retain full control at any time.

“With Bitpanda, we are thrilled to offer strategies that are normally found in quant hedge funds to a large number of retail clients. Most of the time, they are not well treated by traditional banks” says Stephane Ifrah, Napbots CEO.

Traders may also obtain a 25% discount in trading costs when paying fees with Bitpanda’s BEST token. With NapBots’s qualified exchange partner users can feel safe recognizing that both NapBots and Bitpanda have committed to continually maintain and support changes along with fixing any major service interruptions.

This new certified exchange integration comes quickly after NapBots’s most recent announcement of their brand new BTC / ETH / EUR Long Only strategy that combines three independent longstanding daily quant algos that can rebalance on a daily basis between BTC, ETH and EUR. It allows followers to participate in bull runs while staying mostly on the sidelines during bear markets.

About Bitpanda 

Bitpanda is a fintech based in Vienna, Austria founded in 2014 by Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek and Christian Trummer. The company is a firm believer in the innovative power of digitised assets and blockchain technology. Bitpanda’s mission is to tear down the barriers to investing and bring traditional financial products into the 21st century. Today, Bitpanda has more than 1 million users and 180+ team members. With a PSD2 payment service provider licence, state-of-the-art security and streamlined user experience, Bitpanda has grown into a popular trading platform for newbies and experts alike. Users can currently trade 33 digital assets including precious metals such as gold and platinum. 

About NapBots

NapBots is part of Napoleon Group which is a French group of entities. The group holds 3 regulations and has been founded by former multi-billion asset managers at Tier 1 banks. The Napoleon Group particularly holds an asset management licence (AIFM) from French AMF that is specialized in crypto solutions. The team has a longstanding experience in developing trading algorithms with more than 10-year experience in traditional assets and 3 years specifically on crypto assets.

The NapBots team is committed to continuously develop and manage a library of performing trading bots. The team believes in diversification through the use of a broad range of uncorrelated strategies. NapBots currently runs a more than 16 crypto trading strategies library. Napbots’ strategies currently use prices, volumes and funding rates as the principal sources of knowledge. The team has developed both trend-following and mean reversal approaches through various time horizons (weekly, daily, and hourly) over the 7 most liquid cryptos.

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Cryptocurrency Trading, contain considerable risk and also are not for every investor.. Previous performance does not guarantee future outcomes.

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