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US Crude Oil Deal – $45 Dollars a Barrel – Limited Reseves



There is a US crude oil deal that you may find interesting. I am working on a distressed mortgage note on a commercial asset in the states and I have a large distressed luxury highrise in bucarest that will be coming your way shortly, let me know if you are interested in either and I will send it to you before publishing it to my list. As always if you have a deal that is looking for funding please send it my way, or if you are a funding source please let me know what kind of deals you are looking for.

Deal Outline:

I am working with a group in the states that has 25,000,000 barrels of provable oklahoma sweet crude which they are selling for 45 dollars a barrel on a seven year fixed contract. They are only selling 25% of their reserves so they can finance further land aquisition and equipment purchases. Today’s market price for the oil is $89.01. Some deal points..

The group will extract 1/84 of your purchase each month(7 years=84 months), refine it and sell it for you cutting you a check for the market price of the oil that month. You do nothing and your check will happen one month after your purchase.

This deal has been working for over two years, this is not something they have just dreamed up, they have sold over 2 million barrels this way to investors and the deal is provable and works.

I have full documentation on every aspect including geological reports, proof of leases etc send me and email and i will send you all the docs.

The group will even extend your agreement beyond 7 years until you have gotten back your inital capital should the price of oil drop below 45 dollars a barrel. So your capital is not at risk.

They began presenting this deal in the UK and Ireland and thus have been checked out and approved by the sipp authorities in the UK and the Irish pension authorities.

I don’t expect it will take long for them to sell the 70 million dollars worth of oil they have at present if you are interested I suggest you act quickly.


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