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Compensation For Compassion: Career Moves For Empaths

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There can be a cost to being a compassionate, empathetic person sometimes. Having a caring outlook in life and a desire to help others can limit your potential to earn a good living in many different fields. Take carers as a prime example. They are responsible for one of the toughest jobs going, looking after people who cannot take care of themselves. And most are paid a pittance for the amazing work they do. But compassion doesn’t have to limit your potential – far from it, in fact. Here are some ideas for well-paid careers that will benefit from your empathetic nature.

The medical field

Let’s start with the most obvious sector of work; the medical and dental professions. It’s about saving lives and making people feel better – nothing is more empathetic than that. You have to have a good understanding of what your patients feel so you can alleviate their pain and distress. You will need to deal with concerned family members, too. Not all doctors, dentists, or nurses get this right, of course. And it’s true that there are a few that are in it for financial gain. But the vast majority of medical professionals practice medicine because they are compassionate people. Do you think you could join them?


The nation’s pupils rely on compassionate and empathetic teachers to guide them through their studies. Great teachers understand where their students are struggling, and will show they care. Growing children need an element of stability around them, too, as they are facing major changes in both body and mind. They make mistakes – and errors of judgment. But with a good teacher to guide them through this sticky period, they can make it through with flying colors.

Public relations, marketing, and sales

I know what you’re thinking – what’s empathetic about making people buy stuff? Well, while many marketing and PR types think of profit over everything else, it takes empathy to succeed in this field. You have to have an intimate understanding of your customer’s pain points. And, you have to be confident that what you are selling will truly make a difference in their lives. There is always a public relations job for jobseekers who aren’t empathetic, of course. But if you want success and to keep the paychecks rolling in, you need to combine your empathy and compassion with dedication and commitment. Don’t forget; many products out there do genuinely make a difference to people. Medical devices and equipment, nutritional and healthy food – the list is endless. And if you play your part in making people feel better and healthier, it’s safe to say you deserve your high salary.

Therapist and Counselor

Sometimes, people just need a safe place to talk. As a therapist or counselor, you will give them the opportunity they require. Again, empathy and compassion are vital in this role, as you have to understand what your patients are going through. Your help can guide them through extreme psychological distress, negative feelings, and anxiety. And, you will give them the tools they need to help themselves in the future.

Everyone values compassion and empathy – but few industries are prepared to pay for it. But I hope I have shown you that a life of compassion doesn’t have to be a financial struggle.

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