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Coconut Investments – The Nutrional Benefits

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In 2013 & 2014, our most popular alternative investment was the Multilayered Agricultural Investment in Brazil which offers investors returns from 25%.

One of the main reasons behind the success of this investment vehicle is the fact that coconuts are a mulch-purpose asset which have multiple end-used. This minimizes the risk and increased the commercial prosperity. Most of us aren’t aware of the multipurpose applications that coconuts can be used for, so here is an overview of the main application in nutrtion and health.

First of all, the coconut goes by the scientific name Cocos nucifera where nucifera means “nut-bearing”. The coconut is a nutritious source of meat, juice, milk, and oil not forgetting water that has fed and nourished populations around the world for generations.

Coconut is a staple food in the diet on many islanders and provides the majority of consumed food. Don’t be surprised that nearly one third of the world’s population depends on coconuts to some degree for their food and their economy. In some cultures, coconuts have a long and respected history.

Coconut in nutritional health

Coconut is highly nutritious and rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Classified as a functional food, it provides many health benefits beyond its nutritional content. One such health benefit is from its oil, which is of special interest because it posses healing properties far beyond that of any other dietary oil. Coconut oil is extensively used in traditional medicine among Asian and Pacific populations. Coconut oil is considered by Pacific Islanders to be the cure for all illness.

Coconut palm is called the crop of life by the Asian and Pacific populations due to its great benefits it provides as both as a source of food and medicine. It is only recently that medical science unblocked the secrets to coconut’s amazing healing powers.

Coconut used in traditional medicine

Coconut has been revered by people from many diverse cultures, languages, religions, and races as a valuable source of both food and medicine. The people have learned of its importance as an effective medicine. Coconut products for thousands of years have held a respected and valuable place in local folk medicine.

Coconut is used around the world in traditional medicine to treat a wide variety of health problems including abscesses, asthma, bronchitis, baldness, burns, bruises, colds, cough, dysentery, fever, earache, gonorrhea, kidney stones, flu, fever, scurvy, skin infections, syphilis, tumors, ulcers, stomach upset, weakness and wounds.

Modern medicine today confirms the use of coconut in treating many of the above conditions. Medical journals have published studies that show, in one form or another, that coconut provides a wide range of health benefits.

·         Kills bacteria that cause throat infections, ulcers, gum disease and cavities, urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, pneumonia, and other diseases. Coconuts are also able to kill viruses that cause, herpes, measles, influenza, hepatitis C and other illnesses.

·         Coconut is a nutritional source of quick energy. It can kill parasites, for example it can expel or kill tapeworms, lice, giardia, and other parasite. Coconut products boost energy and endurance, enhancing physical and athletic performance.

You can see why coconuts have attraced many farmers and investors as their is a lucrative market to sell this exceptional commodity.

Please have a look at the eco friendly agricultural investments in Brazil for further information on how you could from 25% ROI.

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