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Clinton Was Right, Private And Public Should Be Separate

You might have been following the Hillary Clinton email scandal lately. In one of the leaked emails, Clinton suggested that who she was in private was completely different to who she was in the public spotlight. This was met with considerable criticism. However, business owners should be able to relate to this idea, as should anyone who has ever been at the head of the company. You can not show your customers or clients who you really are. They don’t want to see, and if they did, it could ultimately damage your business.

We’re Not The Same

Say what you like, but we doubt anyone is the same person at home as they are in the boardroom. If you acted like you did in the office around your children, they probably wouldn’t even recognize you. Sometimes when running a business, you need a firm hand. This isn’t that type of trait that you want to bleed into your personal life.

It Could Be Embarrassing

We all have fun on holidays and birthdays, and we all like to let loose. This is understandable, but if you think clients will forgive you for it, you’d be wrong. Imagine finding the social media account of your doctor. As it turns out, they were at a bachelor party the weekend before you had an appointment with them. Do you still trust their judgment? This is one of the reasons why it’s crucial your personal social profile is separated from your business profile online. You can read more about this in the infographic below and learn how to keep one private and hidden.   

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