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Wind Turbine – Fixed Investment Bonds – by OPEN Opportunities in Envirotech Ltd

aegis power wind turbine bond open to invest

wind turbine investment bonds

Investment Summary:

  • Bonds with fixed 10% interest per annum

  • Investments available from £5,000; with £1,000 increments hereafter

  • Interest payable quarterly, biannually, annually or at maturity of the Bond

  • Choice of 2, 5 or 7 year term

  • Repayment of principal investment at maturity of Bond (end of chosen term)

  • UK based asset backed project

  • Not leveraged with external finance

  • Income basis protected by the UK Government (AAA rated)

  • Asset uncorrelated to any other asset class

  • Experienced wind turbine operation team

  • Pooled project of multiple wind turbines and locations to mitigate risks

  • Available to SIPP approved pension funds and direct clients

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For full details including the  Brochure,

Financial Report for 2014, Company Memorandum,

please call Ross Kelly on +44 (0) 77 99 431 284 or use the registration form above.

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