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Solar Lease Investment in the UK – 8% to 12% Index Linked

solar power massachusetts

solar power massachusetts

Opus Investment Group has ingeniously structured an ethical and profitable hands-off investment vehicle which can generate income from the production of solar energy in the UK. Investors purchase a lease which includes a fully operational solar installation, that produces electricity which is connected to the feed in tariff. The investor is paid directly on a quarterly by the UK utility companies who buy the resulting electricity that is produced by the solar panels at a fixed rate.

The PV solar system is installed on a UK residential rooftop, under the rights granted by the freehold owner of the property, by way of a 25 year lease. Each lease accommodates a fully managed solar PV installation, Installed under the UK Government Feed in Tariff FiT) scheme. The term of the lease runs for the length of the FiT contract. This term depends upon the activation date of the installation, 25 years.

The investment highlights are as follows:

  • 8 % to 12% p.a. net returns index linked

  • Guaranteed quarterly payments direct from Good Energy/ E.ON.

  • Government backed guaranteed Feed in Tariff’s (FiT)

  • No physical installation required

  • 100% of Feed in Tariff income paid

  • All installations are UK based, insured and fully maintained

Invest in Solar Leases

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(Investors Only! We are not interested in funding other solar projects. Thank you.)

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