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Why Businesses Should Consider Going Green

With the passing of time, a lot of things have changed for businesses. In the early 70’s and 80’s a lot of businesses that were family owned started to expand, giving rise to chain businesses.

In the 2000’s, the birth of the internet meant that businesses could now utilize the world wide web to branch out to other parts of the globe. Now we are seeing the dependence on digital interfacing for businesses, with companies constantly relying on social media to attract the right market for their products and services.

But despite the increasing reliance on digital avenues for business, huge companies in various industries and markets have yet to fully achieve digital transformation for their business. And with the conversations about climate change and the depletion of the Earth’s natural resources, it’s important for big businesses to try and be as eco-friendly as possible.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important for businesses to be as green as possible:

Reduced consumption of natural resources.

It’s a known fact that businesses that establish green initiatives consume fewer resources. Companies who choose to use solar energy, for example, contribute less to the depletion of the world’s fossil fuels. Going paperless also means that companies can start looking into more sustainable ways to keep their business running, which may use renewable energy.

Improved data storage.

Going green and going digital also means that it is easier for companies to archive and store information. Digital copies of invoices, statements, and receipts are a lot less bulky to store than paper copies, and they are easier to file away and retrieve when needed. Cloud storage services are very safe and secure to utilize.

Reduced security risks.

Paper trails also make it easier for sensitive information to be accidentally leaked. Paper copies could be misplaced, and for companies that deal with a lot of sensitive customer or client data, it may be in their best interests to switch to paperless billing. In the meantime, companies can take advantage of shredding services in order to get rid of paper documents with confidential information.

Streamlined processes.

When businesses go digital and implement a more automated structure, they reduce the amount of work that a single item might have to go through. For example, when dealing with accounts payable, it might take a lot of coordination between people from different departments to verify the information on an invoice or an employee’s payroll. By digitizing the accounts payable workflow, it streamlines the process of verifying information and reduces human error in the process as well.

Lowered expenditures.

Businesses who are using a lot of paper for their day to day activities may be unwittingly spending a lot. Filing paper documents, for example, takes more than just bond paper. We have to take into account the printer that was used to print the documents, and the ink used as well.

Then there’s the subject of the file folders, paper fasteners or staple wires being used in compiling pages. Then there’s the issue of where it is being stored in–file drawers. Businesses have to consistently budget for those materials in order to keep the business running. Going paperless means that companies can cut down on the costs of all those miscellaneous expenses just to file away those paper documents.

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