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Clean Coal Energy Production Investment

The threat of Global Warming increases over the years. Today researchers are continuing their efforts to explore ways to help prevent our extremely sensitive ecosystem from becoming off balance. We are looking at a future of terrible storms, colder winters, and our deserts becoming terribly dry. We need solutions. Yes renewable energy, such as wind and solar energy are the future of green energy production, but let’s also take a look at a green alternative energy, clean coal.

Clean Coal Technology is any technology that aims to reduce the environmental impact of coal energy generation. It is one way to reduce harmful environmental effects. With many new technologies to clean coal and for it to hold its emissions, clean coal technology just might be the answer we have been looking for. The United States has an abundant amount of coal that produces more than half of our electricity.

We are at a point in time where there is a limited amount of energy around the world. Gas prices are out of control with no end in sight. The use of coal is only going to increase. Coal is relatively inexpensive and simple to extract.  Many evolving countries are in the process of turning to coal as a worthwhile source of energy; some countries have been doing this for years. Coal costs about one-third to one-fourth the price of other fuels.  The future of coal means advanced technologies to further clean and reduce environmental effects.

Coal technology works for removing impurities from the coal, allowing more carbon and oxygen to react when the coal is burned. Filtering ash and gases with pollutants after the coal has burned is also a part of the cleaning process. This is highly effective to prevent acid rain and smog. This is the traditional way to clean coal. With the threat of global warming and other energy sources becoming limited, investing in new technologies is crucial and can help out our world immensely. For individuals who are passionate about the environment, clean coal is becoming a popular trend. It’s only going to become more popular and dominant when discussing the environment, global warming and ways to protect our Earth. Investing in clean goal technologies is only going to grow. Take a look and educate yourself on coal prices. A great example would from Platts, a subscription service that provides daily recaps right to your inbox. Take a look at Platts coal spot price to keep up to date daily. You should also invest your time in following the news and reading newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, keeping up with prominent environment blogs and follow Twitter users who passion is environment issues. Now is the time to make your move.

Global Warming is no laughing matter. The increase of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide into the Earth’s atmosphere throws our ecosystem off. To help our environment, one person can make a difference! From shutting the water off between brushing your teeth to using refillable water bottles, every little effort helps. You might even want to consider changing your diet by cutting out products such as meats and dairy. It is said that factoring farms use up a lot of resources (power for their machines and lights). Planting new trees and doing what you can to repair your community is vital for our Earth’s future.

With our Earth changing daily and new technology being invented every day, clean coal technology is where the world as a whole needs to focus for energy production. Learn, take part and help save our planet!

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