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Why Business Owners Should Invest In Their Team

The vast majority of company owners depend on a team of people to oversee the daily running of their business. Investing in your team is beneficial for a raft of reasons, and it can go a long way to helping you achieve your goals, as well as providing a platform for your employees to fulfil their objectives. Here are some of the most effective ways you can support, nurture and develop your team.

Training and opportunities to progress

Many employees accept a job hoping that they will be able to take the next step on the career ladder and maybe even reach the top. As an employer, it’s beneficial to encourage and support growth and to offer individuals the opportunity to demonstrate their potential and to take advantage of promotions and training. Upskilling your workforce will benefit your business and it could also save you money. If you have additional skills in-house, you might not need to consider outsourcing or hiring extra members of staff. It’s useful to explore training courses and programmes and to think about options that will suit your workforce. If you have a flexible model in place and your employees sometimes work from home, for example, online workshops might appeal. 

Health and wellbeing

The World Health Organisation estimates that 20% of employees experience mental health issues. Poor health can have a detrimental impact on productivity, focus and performance. As an employer, you have a duty to look after your team and to promote health and wellbeing. To make improvements, you could introduce policies and procedures to encourage active lifestyles and help individuals to beat stress and you could also benefit from innovative solutions like digital wellbeing platforms from LifeWorks. Try to avoid overloading employees, establish clear, achievable goals and support those who may be struggling with their health. Individuals should feel that they are able to talk to you or their line manager if they are concerned about mental or physical health issues. 


One of the most valuable things you can give your team is your time. An engaged employer is likely to gain respect from employees. Even if you don’t spend a huge amount of time at your business base, it’s important to make the most of the time you do have and to make yourself available if your team needs you. Organise regular group meetings, facilitate one-to-one sessions and make sure you listen. Asking for feedback and taking the time to ask questions and see how your employees are feeling and how work is going can make a big difference. If your workforce is willing to share ideas, opinions or concerns, it’s crucial to take comments on board and to act on them. 

As an employer, you want to get the best out of your employees. Investing in your workforce creates opportunities, builds strong relationships and increases productivity and efficiency through protecting and nourishing health and wellbeing. If you’re keen to be the best boss possible, take these tips on board to reap the rewards of a healthy, happy, cohesive team. 

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