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Keeping Your Office Comfortable During The Cold Period


The winter time is just as troubling for the average business as it is for anyone who has a home to keep in good condition! As such, you need to be aware of the way the cold weather may affect your company, especially if you want to be a responsible business owner. 

You need to keep your supply chain and day to day operations in mind. But most of all, it’s your office you need to focus on here; it needs to remain comfortable to ensure you’re getting the best work out of anyone seated at their desk! Here are some tips that’ll help you redesign your working setup for the cold period.

Keep Legal Temp Levels in Mind

If you didn’t know before, there are laws surrounding the temperature levels that are safe to work in. For the winter time in the UK, the legal temperature should always be 16 degrees at the very least. If it drops below this level, you could be crossing into illegal territories and putting your workers at risk. So make sure you’ve got a thermostat set up, are able to use the heating from time to time, and definitely have safeguards put up against any cold weather making its way into the building. 

Layer the Windows

If you’re able to, set up blinds or curtains to cover the windows, and not just to keep the afternoon light off of your computer screens! Use them to layer the window panes and help to grant a better level of insulation within your office. If worst comes to worst and you’re unable to operate your office’s central heating, you could even use other soft furnishings such as blankets to help bracket the window panes and lower walls. 

Set Up a Dehumidifier 

A dehumidifier within the office can be a great idea, thanks to just how much warmer operating one can make the air. For example, if there’s a chill in the air, you can turn on your dehumidifier to draw excess moisture out. If this sounds like a good idea to you, look into companies such as Thorair to find a commercial-ready model that can manage such a large and varied room. This can help you to settle the temperature within just a couple of hours, whilst also saving on a little bit of electricity here and there. 

Have Spare Warming Items Around

It’s no bad thing to have a blanket or two in the supply cupboard. Similarly, it’s good to have spare cushions to put on chairs, as well as an emergency kit. When you’ve got all this at hand, you won’t have to worry about getting snowed in, or for a huge storm to keep you from getting home on time. You can bunk down if need be, whilst still getting work done without too much trouble. 

The cold period can be a disaster for business. Use tips like those above to keep things warm for you and your employees. 

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